Thursday, October 23, 2008


Woke up to a COLD Morning but it warmed up today, Good Morning, nice lunch with My Honey then off to the Doctor!!!! I have been having problems with my hearing!!!!

Ever have a BAD ear ache? I have, 10 or 11 years ago I had to have a procedure on my left ear, they had to puncture my ear drum, vacumn out a serious infection and then insert a drainage tube, the tube stayed in a long time and It was pushed out by the ear drum growing around it, I did good for a long time and then about year ago I had to have another one put in, this time a little biger one, that one lasted about 10 months and this afternoon I went and had to have the 3rd one put in my left ear which was a little bigger than the others!!!. "Jumped up Jehova"-- does it ever hurt!!!!!JUST LIKE THE OTHER 2 TIMES!!!!!

You sit in a chair, firmly grasp the sides of the chair in a Death Grip, cross your legs and DON'T MOVE! My Honey held my hand!!!! The ENT Doctor, *(really-really nice man) slips a funnel in your ear, puts on a pair of glasses that look like something from "StarWars" and then slides a long thin metal rod down your ear, *(He calmly) tells you he is going to puncture your ear drum and you hear (BOOM), I can only relate the pain as to what it would feel like to walk on the coals of the """Fires in Hell"""!!! *(WHICH I HOPE I WON'T HAVE TO DO!! *(WHO KNOWS)!!!

Quickly he removes the ROD, inserts a small Vacumn Cleaner and you hear the sound of a "Jet Engine" inside your ear, then quickly he reinserts the ROD with a small Drainage tube on the end of it back into your ear and into the hole in your ear drum, another "BOOM", and vacumns it out again leaving the Drainage Tube inseted in your ear drum then he pumps fluid into the ear, thru the drainage hole in your ear drum and it runs down into the back of your throat!

"ALL DONE" , he says, "you can relax now".

First, the ROD he inserts in your ear to bust the ear drum is a foot long and about as thick as my wrist!!!!!
Second: the Drainage tube is about the size of a Ping-Pong Ball.

Third: Its not all that bad, the pain really lasts only about an INSTANT, the tube placement lasts about a few seconds, the noise is loud because I CAN HEAR AGAIN!!!! *(THANKS DOC.)"!

This is what the 1st Long White Drainage Tube looked like, the short White second one and the Blue third one they put in today!!! It is really nice to hear again, MAYBE MY SINGING ISN'T ALL THAT BAD AFTER ALL!!!

The problem now is I can really hear all the B-S coming from the "Politicians" over the air-waves!!!!!


jack69 said...

Well, I lost that comment, They apologized. I guess I will learn to copy it. I was right with you on the operation, but I did not feel you pain. HA!
Like what you do with the site.

Shirl 72 said...

Woody you do such a beautiful
colorful blog. Sorry to hear about
your hearing. Ihad a hard time reading it because I could feel how that must hurt. OUCH. Hope everything is healing and you are feeling OK Tell Honey hello hope she is well. Now let me see if I
can get this comment on. Hit and
miss thing for me.


madcobug said...

I hope what the Dr did to your ear will help your hearing a lot. The Anne Murry song was beautiful. I have always loved her songs. Helen

a corgi said...

ouch; what a procedure! but glad that the end result is better hearing!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Ah yes the pros and cons of hearing. The good thing is that you can always mute the politicians.

I normally reach for the remote when the B.S. gets about knee deep.