Saturday, November 1, 2008


TO Fast Freddy;

I got your email, I got mine up and running from trial and error and redoing it, here is the info you wanted, hope you can understand it cuz I barely do!!!!

Click on the above slideshow and it will give you some of the info you asked for.

The sites for http:// just type into your browser bar and it will take you to their site, you have to open your browser in 2 windows to go back and forth from the Picasa page or the HTML Code pages to copy and paste into your blog. You also have to have 2 windows open to put other things in your blog,

On the PICASA Page on the right side it will say ***Link to this Album and you click there, then underneath it will say**Embed Slideshow, go to your left and click on the yellow box and it will turn blue, right click on it and hit COPY, then come back and paste it in your blog after you click Edit Html. after you embed the slide show go back to icasa and click DONE button. Hit Publish post. To tweak your blog go to the top on Edit Posts and click on it and then go to the edit box on that post.

When you enter HTML Code first click on the top Edit Html, copy and paste in the code, then you have to go back up and click on Compose button to go back to text to type in what you want.

I am not an expert on this, but here at the "Old Folks Home" ya have a lot of free time at night to practice and practice on it, if ya don't like what ya get just delete it and start again, thats what I did more times than I care to remember!!!!!

Hopes this helps ya.


Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, Woody, your blog is getting classier by the day! It took me a while to get the hang of the slide show as well, but I finally figured it out. You can't fool this old dog more than 47 times.


Bill said...

Thanks for the tips.
Regards, Bill

a corgi said...

you're doing great figuring all these things out!! blog is looking good!

enjoy Sunday ;)


Shirl 72 said...

Woody I tried to comment last night
and it would not let me. I am not
a whiz will try again. Your Blog
is always very interesting and you
do a good job. You guys have fun
that is what life is about.


jack69 said...

Quit showing off!!! You lost me after the first sentence! LOL & RLOL.
Kidding aside you have done great, knew a cop could do it, but wasn't sure a sailor could. I am still working on it. I will try to keep the guide lines, might get that far later!