Friday, November 28, 2008


Woke up and YUP... still snowing, doesn't matter how much now cuz its a lot!!!! One thing weird up here in the North Country, we get what they call "Thunder Snow"! It flashes, brightens up the snow and then a big crack of rolling Thunder! "AWSOME" to see and hear. I am still Thankful, I don't have to shovel snow or go outside if I don't want to.
But being a true "Northern New Yorker" we do have one sport, "SNOW SNORKLING" which I enjoy so am going out shortly and do some, you have to have green flippers so you can be seen by Snowmobilers and don't get run over!!!!!!

Went down and got the mail and everyone at the dinner said what a great "Thanksgiving" meal they had. The Local news showed the "Black-Friday" shoppers out and lined up at 4AM.
Thanks for all the emails wishing us a Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Honey is down with her back again, pretty rough shape today. Right now shes zonked out on pain meds and muscle relaxers she hates to take!!!
We Snacked, watched it Snow, put in a movie and watched "Scrogged" with Bill Murry and watched it snow some more. Right now its a little rain, hail mix but mostly snow Lightning and Thunder.

Hogger the Squirrel, *(I call him Hogger cuz he empties the feeder) called again today and brought a friend, finally drove him off and finally our birds came in to feed, chich-a-dees, the woodpecker arrived for suet along with the Ass-ups, there really a Nuthatch but always feed upside down so thus the nickname!!! LOL.

Hogger really likes Bird Food and Suet.

The Birds really feasted today in large numbers, hope everyone down south is enjoying their green Grass and Warm Gentle Breezes, hope you have a great week-end!!


Adirondackcountrygal said...

I have yet to try snow snorkeling. I don't think it looks too fun. I have alot of birds too. Ass-ups, that is pretty clever! Enjoy your snow!

jack69 said...

Thunder Snow, new one on me. A new wrinkle in my horn.
I certainly enjoy snorkeling, only in tropical waters at 90 degrees. LOL. Ass-ups? you weren't referring to the snorkeler were you.LOL
Good entry Hope you Honey is better soon. I do love to look at the snow, it is beautiful.

jack69 said...

That is YOUR honey. I thought I checked that entry better.

Paula said...

Thunder snow? Never heard of it but we barey know what snow is. It sounds interesting. Sorry your Honey is hurting. I know back pain can get you down.

a corgi said...

I never heard of thunder snow; that would be so interesting to experience

so sorry Honey is under the weather with her back; hoping she recover soon

so thankful people enjoyed the Thanksgiving dinner :)

loved the pictures of the birds feeding; when we lived in New Mexico we had bird feeders out and we noticed that before a big snowstorm the birds would eat in a frenzy; once we figured it out, we were able to plan and not run out of supplies when weather made it difficult to get to a store


garnett109 said...

In the deep south they have bigfoot up north they have snow monsters, i see you got a picture of one ass up ! LOL!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great picture but there's one small but important reason why I would never do that, unless, of course, I could do the backstroke. Then again, that would bring up that small but important problem again.


madcobug said...

I hope your honey gets better soon. We have those hoggers around here also but Patches our little dog chases them off a lot and has caught a few of them. I don't think I would like to try the snow swimming. Good for you feeding those birds. I know they are proud to get that food. I do that here also. Lately Ken has been feeding them for me. He has been doing just about everything lately. Helen

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Can't wait til it snows - gonna have to try that one, but where in the world can I find green flippers? Have a happy one Woody. Take care of you and yours and enjoy,

Shirl 72 said...

Spare me from snow snorkeling.
Love to see the snow which we seldom see. Honey needs to hurry and get better Santa will be coming


Shirl 72 said...

Woody I know that man's bippy
is frozen by now. It will take
him until Jan. to thaw out. He will
soon turn blue.


Lisa said...

LOL, loved the pic of snow snorkeling!! That is too funny but looks a little uncomfortable, hahaha.

The birds & squirrels have been going crazy around here lately as well.