Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch Up Time

Well, lets catch up: My neck is killing me but coming along and Honeys back is still the same!! But we're great for the shape we're in and thankful it is not worse!!

We hosted a surprise Birthday party for one of our youngsters who turned 90, we had a nice turn out and our guest joined the other 90's ladies and had a good time. the girls were 96, 90, 90 and 94.

This is our Pastry Chef, Donut cooker, and master maker of all sweets!!

We had a wonderful meal tuesday the 16th, the Management and Staff here put on a nice, Ham, Baked tater, veggie luncheon for all 50 units here, and one of our lady residents made a big bunch of Homemade, "Old Fashioned Cream Puffs", we had about 48 people whe enjoyed our Christmas Present of a "Fine Lunch"! We then gave out Gift Certificates to the manager and staff for all the wonderful things they do for us all year long. Also the day before Christmas we all recieve a small present in front of our door from Santa AND the local Fire Department arrives and deliveres everyone Chocolates, not those little box's, I mean a BOX of chocolates, if you are a couple ya get 2 BOXS!!!

We left for the 2 hour ride to the Central New York Spine Clinic in Syracuse, We got there, stiff, sore and hobbled and limped into the complex. Honey had all her MRI's, x-rays and paperwork, met the Nuro-Surgeon, discused her problems, he checked her over, showed us on the MRI the buldging and damaged Discs, and right now "Surgery" was ruled out, very nice Doctor, short, blunt and to the point!

Tomorrow another storm is coming in from the west with some more snow, nothing new for living here in God's Country, just another regular snowy day to add to the 5 feet of snow we have already.

Friday and Saturday I'm cooking 8- 20# turkeys, 40 pounds of taters and squash and Sunday we are serving the community our Monthly Stone Soup Supper. We have cooked for 125 and hopefully will run out of food.

Hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for the Holiday!

Lets not forget those who will not be home for the Holidays!!!!!


Paula said...

Isn't it wonderful how great some of the elderly do now days. We have a friend who is 97 and lived alone and still drove until recently. She is now in a retirement home and loving getting her fingernails polished and playing bingo.

Paula said...

Thank you sooo much for the info on Ruptured Duck. I had no idea it had such a serious meaning. I'm going to remember this and I'm sure others will be interested to read this. From one day to the next you just never know what you will learn here. Thanks again, Paula

Remo said...

Hang in there and stay warm!!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

Oh how I missed your reads. It's like cuddling up to a warm fire and a great book. I plan to live passed my 90's. Watch out world. Thank you for always remembering those who have and continue to serve our country ~ God Bless you and those who do! Take care of you and Honey my friend. Happy Holidays,

Shirl 72 said...

Oh I'm glad you are back. The ladies are beautiful. I just hope I will be active at that age. You
and Honey need to slow down, but I
know that is out of the question.
The food sounds wonderful.


garnett109 said...

You sure do eat good where you live!
Have a great Holiday!

jack69 said...

WOW, I know you guys will be glad when the pain is gone. BUT still at it. Cooking for more people that is great. Good to have you back on the NET.
God Bless the VET.

a corgi said...

what a nice picture of the "youngsters"; so sweet to honor the birthday of one of them! loved all the pastries

seems like you are doing good with all the delicious yummy food you are either making or getting; neat that Santa delivered 2 boxes of chocolates to you and Honey!

sorry Honey's back is not going well and that surgery is not an option; hoping she gets pain relief some other way

enjoy the snow heading your way!!