Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow-let it snow-let it snow

Who says "Senior Citizens can't have a little fun"!!!

Like the song says, "Let it Snow" which it has surely done today, right around 11AM it started snowing and at 9PM its still coming down, winds out of the NE now about 20 -23 mph and temp is about 8 above SO the wind chill is now 15 below zero with about 8 -10 inches of fresh snow so far!!!! Gonna be nice tomorrow but another storm heading our way sunday, hope it holds off till after our Stone Soup Christmas Dinner!!!


We hustled around picking up turkeys, squash, potatoes to start cooking tomorrow for sundays feast. We just finished unpacking at church when down came the snow, and its snowing and snowing, Just a good old fashioned Northern New York winter.

The 2 Maintainance men here has been great, they have shoveled, plowed, sno-blowed and then did it all over again and then---did it all over again, mother nature sure has pushed them with all the week-end snows and storms, well, 5 days till christmas, me and honey are not buying each other anything this year, theres nothing we really need, besides we got each other!!!!!!

We are lucky because we have a lot more that a lot of people in the world do and for that we are thank-full!!!

Don't forget our troops, say a little prayer tonight and everynight that they all come home!!!


Paula said...

Yes I'm saying a prayer for the troops and yes I wouldn't eat yellow snow if we had any. lol

Remo said...

I think you're having more fun than the rest of us "young'uns." Make sure we see some pictures of that feast!

God Bless our Troops!

garnett109 said...

God Bless Our Troops!
We only got about 4inches down here in pa.!

jack69 said...

Man, is this normal up there? Is that the results of what we hear on the news down south..Lake affect? Our folks who lived in Canada for awhile never had that much snow.
Sherry and I are the same. We have everything we NEED, No place to store more. But we are blessed beyond measure. It will only get to 78 today! Take care and snuggle, enjoy the Dinner.

a corgi said...

that is a lot of snow!!! I'm sure the plow drivers get tired of plowing the roads over and over again, but they keep at it!!

my hubby/me aren't buying for each other either this year; we have everything we need too and so we're giving to World Vision to help others; neat to see others are appreciating what they have instead of reaching for more :)

enjoy your day; I know you/Honey will be so blessed by the Lord because of your faithful service to him


Shirl 72 said...

I can't believe that much snow.
Woody when are you going to slow
down. I will attest to that OLD
people can still have fun. I am the youngest of most of my friends. A 91 year old is the illegitimate son of W. C. Fields. His mother was a Ziegfeld Follies Beauty. Bill was a Marine he is on the Veterans Council. He serves as a Judge Advocate of the Marine Corps League. He is a wonderful American. We are still kicking and
I might say pretty high. He has attended all the parties. Ask Jack


Bill said...

I can remember those type of snow storms from my many years in NY and NJ. I hope all goes well with the Christmas Dinner at your Church. I'm glad to read that you are out and doing stuuf. I guess you are feeling at lot better.
Regards, Bill

Jimmy's Journal said...

One of my favorite songs is Wabash Cannonball and it's also one of the first I learned to play and sing.