Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As we close out page # 365 of 2008 and start a new page #1 for 2009 I wish you all the best.

I wish that God gives you laughter, smiles, and grins, also frowns, scowls and tears.

I wish that a family member brings you joy, a neighbor treats you nice, and a stranger effects your life so that you in return will cause a difference in someone elses life.

I wish for those lost to be found and those who have been found to seek those still lost!

I wish for the safe return of all our service men and women and the return of those still missing and unaccounted for.

I wish for the sick to be healed and the healers to do more for those still sick!

I wish for those who have lost Loved Ones less pain, anger and remorse.

I wish for a better understanding of the world and its ways and that I am able to understand and accept things as they happen.

I wish the best for my Honey, less pain, more smiles and better knowledge of my love for her!

I wish my family all the best for 2009, may your hopes and dreams be fulfilled and I wish my children long lives, happiness and a bright future.

On a selfish note, I wish my friend Mark could suddenly be all better, come out of his coma, and I could tell him once more how much I care about him and what he means to me and hear him tell me once more after a long phone call... "Hey, I love ya Man, Take Care Ole Buddy"!!!.

BUT, I know that these are wishes, I also know that I live in reality and there are things that not only I must face but everyone else must also.
I know that if the Lord brings me to it, he will lead me through it.

So with each of these wishes I have made I also make them into my prayer tonight as we end 2008 and begin 2009.


a corgi said...

all wonderful wishes for the new year Woody! I hope some of them become realities in 2009!!

wishing you and Honey a very happy new year!


garnett109 said...

Happy New Year Woody!

jack69 said...

Great entry Woody. WE also wish for you and yours a Happy and Prosperous New Year. May God Bless you Richly. Yes and all those in Harm's way!

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Happy New Year to you and Honey. Hope your friend recovers. God Bless.. Linda

Randy said...

MR. Woody,
Hope you and wife have a wonderful New Year.

God Bless


Shirl 72 said...

I hope you and Honey have a better
2009 with out the pain. I pray for your friend to come out of the coma. Woody you and honey deserve a metal for all the work you do.
God sees you. Just keep the faith.


Paula said...

A nice entry. I wish you and Honey the best in the year 2009.

Bill said...

Those are fine end if the "Old" year thoughts and a fine tribute to your friend.
Good Luck in 20008.

Lisa said...

Beautiful wishes you've listed here. I hope 2009 treats you & your loved ones well.