Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Back in the Saddle

Well, we're felling better, Made it to the Legion and got some work done and dinner was 2 nice big thick country style Pork Spare-Ribs, basted with butter, garlic, BBQ Sause, baked at 350 and turned every 15 minutes and then served with Buttered Mashed Potatoes,and side of Hawaian Fruit. DEEEEELICCIOOOUSSS!

Well, today I got to see another New President sworn in, I wish him "Fair winds and Following Seas", My Honey and I offered prayers at lunch for him and his staff and our country, and as a "Proud American" I will do my part!

I look back and realize that I been around for 12 presidents, My favorite's of the 12 presidents were John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon an Ronald Regan and I had hoped for John Wayne to get in there but it didn't happen. Nixon didn't do anything worse than any of the others except he got caught!!!

Tomorrow I got to tune up with some new guitar strings and tomorrow night I get to play for our Prayer group and then on Thursday Night I will join some others as we hold our Prayer for Christian Unity Service at Church, we will join with the local area churches and have a service and song and afterwards we have a social gathering, My Honey and I will serve coffee and snacks afterwards. We usually get a good turn out every year.

The weather is weird, we get snow, below zero temps, more snow, BUT if you stand in the sun it's actually warm, not shirt sleeve weather yet but soon, maybe 3 more months...................

GREAT NEWS from Texas, my friend Mark is now HOME and I got to talk with him on the phone, ya can't tell me there's not Power in Prayer!!!!!

Well, hope everyone is doing OK.


garnett109 said...

Hey woody glad you are feeling better, you are right the power of prayer does work!
I only go back as far as Jfk but only 1 year of age!
My blog has my thoughts on this.
Glad you are feeling better!

a corgi said...

this was interesting to see all the presidents you've been around for; I was too young for Eisenhower to remember him, but I do remember Kennedy's assination. first presidential election I voted in was Ford/Carter (and my candidate lost); picked a few that made it; picked a few that didn't make it; thinking the next 4 years will be interesting but I don't have hope in him but in God getting us through

glad you are feeling up to going back out serving others!


jack69 said...

That is great about Mark.
Stop it with the food descriptions, sounds absolutely DELICIOUS, QUIT IT!
hOPE YOU GET THE STRINGS TUNED TO YOUR SATISFACTION, and also very glad you are feeling better.

jack69 said...

I was hoping for John Wayne also!

Saltydawg said...

Glad you're feeling better matey. I've just had my dinner and you've made me feel as hungry as hell. Oh well, of for more food. Sod the diet!
Gaz ;-)

Jimmy's Journal said...

Interesting post as I too have lived through the same presidents. I snickered when I read "back in the saddle' as I wondered exactly what saddle you were referring to.

My guess is that it was from one of my childhood heros, Gene Autry.


Shirl 72 said...

Glad you are better. You are right
back in the busy lane. Take care
don't work to hard.


Bill said...

Well my friend, I am glad you are thawed out a little from you illness.

I read your dinner and immediately yelled for Libby to listen while I read it again. Man, does that sound good. I will now try and get my wonderful Wife to duplicate it for me.

I do agree with you about our past Presidents. I remember the same ones you do. Nixon was one of my favorites as was Clinton. I agree that John Wayne would have been good. I would have liked to see Douglas McArthur and/or George Marshall also.

I hope that it warms up some for you all soon.

My Regards, Bill