Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We woke up to a beautiful sunny warm morning, had coffee and packed lunch an on our way fishing, we have tried to set 1 day aside each week and go fishing and have some quiet quality time, we have fished a lot and have not been very lucky in catching anything yet.

We headed out "ON the Road Again" as "Old Willie" would sing it!!!!

We drove up into Lewis County and into the Adirondack Park, I had to redo the poles for Trout fishing before we started fishing.

It was early with not much luck, Anna Mae hit the first fish, looked like a Trout but it jumped off as she was bringing it in but she kept smiling.

We were fishing the Belfort area and decided to move on.

The next spot was a Beautiful Place, the water was like a mirror and the scenery was beautiful.

We moved along and went up into Clear Pond and fished there but no luck there. Anna Mae took a break and streched her back muscles and walking around found a "LADY SLIPPER", it is a dainty little plant, not all that common and when it blossoms it looks like a Ladies Slipper and is a Protected Plant in New York!!

We stopped and had a nice lunch in the woods at a quiet spot, It was a public fishing access and had fire pits and picnic tables and we dined on cold "Southern Fried Chicken" and enjoyed our lunch, we watched Geese come in and land, we saw 2 deer wander thru and the Great Grey Heron fly in, after lunch we packed up and moved on and headed up into the Long Pond area, it was great as there was nobody around, sun shine and quiet.

We fished the Long Pond Stream in the pools in the Rapids and it was easy access for My Honey to walk around the flat rocks and enjoy herself, but her back did start hurting!!

I went over to a small pool and climbed some rocks and must have finally found the hiding spot because BINGO, "FISH ON".... I latched onto something scrappy and a nice little fighter, finally got it up on the rocks and it was a nice Brown Trout, not the biggest fish BUT one of the hardest to catch BUT it was the First one of the season, What a thrill it was playing this thing into shore.

We are "Catch and Release" fisherpeople with trout, After we catch a trout we put them back and hope someone will catch them again!!!!!!! However if we go bass, perch, crappie or bull head fishing and get enough we keep them for a fish fry. It was a beautiful day to spend fishing, chatting and holding hands and enjoying "Mother Nature" and all of her beauty!!!

As we approach Memorial Day dont forget our Veterans!!!


garnett109 said...

One little bite will make my day all the time!

jack69 said...

Great pictures and narrative. We have got to start fishing again, you are an agitator. Start me remembering all the fresh fish we 'used' to get! I know you are familiar with the 'Specks' down here, we call them Crappie. I know you caught them in Okee.
You guys really enjoy that day you set aside and that is great. Y'all stay busy 90% of the time for others. We are glad you take time for each other.
Yes, we remember the VET. Thanks.
Jack & Sherry (I think I beat her here tonight)

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great pictures! I would have loved to tag along with you guys. The scenery is great. Have a great and safe Memorial day weekend.


P.S. Did you have to use a gaff on that monster trout?

Shirl 72 said...