Wednesday, September 2, 2009



This was our 1st place in Florida, it was on the Peace River outside Punta Gorda!!!! It had an orange tree, flower bed, 2 Air Conditioners, nice Oak Cabinets in the beautiful kitchen, full size remodeled bathroom with a shower, we were young, there was magic in the air, the weather was great, AND THERE WAS NO S N O W !! it was a great Vacation Spot, walking a short distance to the dock and boat and plenty of fishing in the river or just past the bridge and Port Charlotte and you were in the Gulf of Mexico, we bought this beauty for $500.00, Later on we sold it to another couple FOR WHAT WE PAID FOR IT. On a trip down after Hurricane Katrina we went and found it and it had no windows or doors and was trashed!!! there were piles of trash, junked cars, garbage, palm trees, how sad BUT we have the memories of some great times there!!!

This was in Florida, I think I was ""blowing her a Kiss"!!!

20 years ago, September 2, 1989, the happy couple!!

This is at our 10 year Anniversary Party at the American Legion put on by friends, I STILL HAD HAIR!!!!

This picture below is my last day on the Job!!! I WANTED MORE TIME WITH MY HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This our second place we had in Florida in Buck Head Ridge, on Lake Okeechobee!!!!

This is me and Anna Mae in Key West Florida celebrating my 60th Birthday in Jimmy Buffet's Place, found out Jimmy Buffett doesn't live in Key West any more!!!

This is the love of my life, she even baits her own hook and takes her own fish off!!!!! This is in Florida!!!!!!

This was the house we spent the longest in, in sit on 4 building lots in the outskirts of the village and was the biggest building lot in the village, complete with flowing creek, a pond, 2 large gardens, flower beds, a storage building, garage and a wood shop for me, ducks on the pond, deer and turkey in the back yard BUT we sold it and moved on!! I sure do miss those long wintry snowstorms and 30 below zero and 4 to 6 feet of snow when we were snowed in for 2 or 3 days!!!!!!!!

After 20 + years we still got that "Sparkle" in our eyes!!!!!!!! but sad to say somewhere I mis-placed my hair!!!!!!!

Let us not forget that August was a bloody and tragic month for our troops in Afghanistan and in Iraq! Please Keep them in your Prayers!

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