Thursday, January 21, 2010

Moving on.

Well its time to move on and get back into life, Mourning is a slow process, Death is not the end, Memories, fond thoughts and and a long friendship cannot just end. So, Mark Fuhrken, "Sleep in eternal restful sleep Brother, You will always be in my thoughts, True friendship lasts a lifetime and you my friend will always still be a part of my life.

January is a rough month, Mark was called home on January 8th, 2010, I lost one of my other Great friends "Ziggy" on January 9th, 2008 and another friend Clarence Keddy on January 19, 2008. Hopefully January is almost over.

"Thanks" to everyone out their for their Prayers for Mark, thank you for the emails of comfort and support you all sent. They helped me a lot.

I give credit to My Honey, Anna Mae has been my Rock and support in these tough times of loss of current and past friends and also two of my friends for helping lift me up and get back on track.

This is Karl and Roger, they both have many great qualities, a firm belief in God, accepting that Jesus Christ is part of their life and these 2 are also a big part of my life and also their wives are great ladies, Karl and Roger have an extensive Ministry are are involved in many things in and out of their churches, it was Karl and Roger that got me back into singing and playing guitar with them and they call themselves "The Friend's of God" and I thank them for their friendship.

Tonight we played at the Natural Bridge Seventh Day Adventist Church at the weekly "Stone Soup Supper" hosted by their church which is Karl's Church.

The meal of Lasagna & Tossed Salad was delicious and plentiful. After the meal we were joined by some of the girls from the church to help us "Make a Joyful Noise To The Lord" as the good book says and we did. We did a great Praise Service of Music and as always had a lot of fun.

In the above picture is me and Armando Hernandez, I met Armando way back in the late 60's, he can sure play the Guitar, in fact back in the 60's he gave me some lessons and taught me a few things on the Guitar. I had not seen him in about 25 years and it is funny how the good Lord brings people back into your life.

We played to a nice group tonight, and we have a lot of dates scheduled to play.

Let us not forget our Veterans, those serving and those who have served.

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