Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Garden Planting

Well, its warmed up enough to start the garden.  we planted it after digging it up twice, it was full of roots.

There were lots of old roots in it.
As you can see I have hand fulls of roots I dug out!!!
This is our second garden which was ready to plant so we filled it with Beans and Onions for everyone here to pick and use like a community Garden.

I started my Morning Glory Seeds, the seeds are very tough, so you take a fingernail file and file a notch in the side of them, place them in warm water and let soak for several days.
They soak and sprout then you plant them in pots to get started.

We went over to Carthage Area Hospital Skilled Nursing Unit and played for the residents,

 My friend Karl, his grandaughter Shannon, Mark and I played some music for them.
Well, its warm, nice out and Memorial Day Weekend is coming up, don't forget our Veterans.


jack69 said...

I look forward to this alert. I like coming to see what mischief you are getting into or working Anna Mae's fingers to the bone! LOL Now I know that ain't true cause she would go 'up side your head'.

Hope you have a great harvest. The folks I know enjoy the music, all us old folk like to be entertained!!!

Thanks, good pictures and good entry.
Take care!

Bill said...

That is a beautiful raised bed. I built one here in the desert and used it until I realized nothing grows in the desert but, bugs, snakes, and mexican primrose. The only tomatoes we can grow we pull off the vies at the grocery store.

Have a great holiday weekend. Thanks for your Service to our Country and thanks for playing your musc for those who need it most.

Regards from Bill

salemslot9 said...

my John grilled
for the first time
this year
last Thursday
he made
brick chicken
w/J&D's Bacon Rub
corn on the cob
acorn squash

all good

thanks for stopping by, Woody!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Great pics Woody! Thanks for your service to our nation. Have a great Memorial Day!