Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sad Day

Well our cold weather has left us, it is 82 out now, sunny and muggy,  Got word this morning that my Brother John in Gloucester, VA. passed away about 1 Am this morning, 5/30/2013.
My Niece, his youngest daughter Brandy who lived with him said she was holding his hand and he jumped, opened his eyes and said" I am going with you Dad, here's my hand"!!!! he then passed over!!

This is my Dad and Mom, John Ellsworth Wood and Ethel Irene (Whitford) Wood, below them is John Austin Wood who passed away at 1AM and Donald Theodore Wood who passed away in October, Dad and both brothers all had Cancer.
Well I have shed my tears, squared my shoulders and accepted this is what happens in large families.
We are going out and plant some of our garden, need to get my hands in dirt and work off this anxiety.
Hope all Veterans had a Good Memorial Day and remembered those serving and those who have passed on, God Bless!!


jack69 said...

You have my heart felt sympathy my friend. Having lost two brothers also, I do understand.

As always it is good to read, but I dislike sadness, but it is part of life and leaving.
(((HUGS))) my friend, (((HUGS)))

Wendy said...

My deepest Sympathy to you and your family!! {{Hugs}} May He Rest In Peace!