Sunday, November 6, 2016

Health Issues

What a week this has been, We had a small overheated dish on a stove in an adjoining apartment down the hallway, and it melted the Teflon Coated pan, some smoke and fumes, Poor wife of mine found the Apartment, pulled the Fire Alarm so the building would evacuate,  and got the lady out, BUT she suffered some inhalation problems and was put in the Hospital, unable to talk, breathing and coughing problems,  She spent 3 days in Hospital and now has to see an ENT specialist for her voice and throat as the Teflon fumes did some damage to her throat.

To make things worse, Thursday night after I left the Hospital from visiting with the wife in her ICU room at the Hospital, I went into Afib, chest pain and hard time breathing,  I went to ER, my wife was brought to the ER in a wheelchair by a Nurse to see me off with a Kiss,  they transferred me by Ambulance to St. Josephs Cardiac Center in Syracuse, it was a 1 1/2 hour ambulance ride. 
I got to St Joes and was stabilized and admitted to Cardiac Floor. It is now noon, Friday and I am scheduled for Heart Catherization,  My Wife was discharged from the Carthage Hospital and went home, grabbed her bag and drove all the way to Syracuse, she arrived just as they were coming to get me to take me to the Operating Room/Cath Lab.
They did Angioplasty and found 2 stents placed in March 95% plugged, they were opened, a balloon was inserted into the Heart and the plugged stents were forced open and I was returned to my room,  took about 2 hours,   got to my room and was greeted by my Honey.  Great Doctors, Nurses, Specialists. We were blessed, they brought a cot to the Room where my wife could sleep and stay in my room with me.
I am sore, have some chest pain, shoulder pain, have many puncture wounds from Blood draws and also where the Dr. went into an artery in my right wrist to get to the heart.
We are now both home, snuggled down,  We had and still have a lot of People Praying for us and there is Power In Prayer !.
We will spend next week seeing specialists but we will be together. 
I want to thank all Veterans Past and Present for their Service to their Country.


jack69 said...

I'm just going to play like you made this stuff up! It sounds like a good novel. As soon as you said 'melted teflon' my head said, bad news to anyone entering the area. Mama gets okay then you go crazy.

But from my heart I am so glad Anna Mae is good (pray it remains so) and so glad you my friend went to the ER. I guess something inside your head told you this 'ain't' right. You are right. WHAT A TIME!
The best and you guys will be in my prayers as you both get to take some time to RECOVER!

Love and good thoughts from Florida!

salemslot9 said...

I pray for a
full recovery
for both of you