Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Day 2 of Snowstorm

Well--- we woke up to Lots and Lots of SNOW!!! My Honey went out and couldn't get out-- our side door cuz the snow blocked it, so she had to go out front, Our Maintainence Men were here before daylight plowing and shoveling and I WATCHED THEM WORK---THANKFUL I NO LONGER HAVE TO DO IT!!!
There were lots of shovelers and snowblowers out and quite a few cars stuck in the snowbanks in front of thier driveways cuz the snowbanks were about 3 feet tall, The streets were plowed fairly well, and you can tell the FOLKS who came up to Fort Drum from areas that don't get SNOW cuz there skidding thru red lights, slidding into snowbanks and stuck on small inclines!!!!!!, there is POWER OUTAGES and lots of area Schools in Jefferson, Lewis and St. Lawrence County are closed, I measured over a foot of snow BUT the higher elevations got more.

The Hospital's will be busy because there are lots of Sirens going off and ambulances trucking in Heart Patients who overdid it shoveling and there is accidents all over the place which is NORMAL for the first major snowstorm.
I took some pictures here at the Legion Post from the 4th floor Cuppolo, it was used during WWII to watch for enemy planes, it has a big white compass painted on the ceiling showing North and south, east and west, and there is still an old telephone line and junction box up there, the old black rotary dial phone is gone but the 4 number telephone call list is still visable -- right now at 10AM it is still snowing and blowing and the Temperature is right at 32 degrees with a slight wind blowing and more
S N O W falling!!!!!!!.
Friday its supposed to WARM UP and MELT ALL THE SNOW!!!!

Well its time to get back to work on the "Veterans Day" program and this afternoon it's off to church to set up for our "Stone Soup Supper" for the needy.
D O N ' T E A T Y E L L O W S N O W !!!!!!!!



Lisa said...

Oh no it's way too early for that nasty stuff!!! It does look like you have quite a bit, hopefully it warms up and goes away quickly.

madcobug said...

Those pictures are beautiful, especially the way the snow clings to the trees. Thanks for sharing. We had the coldest night of the season last night. It got down to 30ยบ. Helen

Shirl 72 said...

You have snow and we have tons of
colorful leaves on the ground.
Both are a headache rake or shovel.
Very nice entry as usually.


jack69 said...

Hey the pictures are great. I sure enjoy seeing them, but I can live without it. I know you guys have a ball, that is great. Take care and I know you will be careful, falling for you OLD folk ain't no fun! Great entry as usual mate.

a corgi said...

great pictures! brought back memories of Montana

it usually takes a few snowstorms for people to remember to slow down when they drive, right?