Thursday, April 30, 2009

DOG TIRED!!! and Loving it!!!!

Well we rested enuff yesterday to tear into today, Tonight was our "Stone Soup Supper"!! We got to church about 8AM and started getting ready for "Sloppy Joe's and Cole Slaw". Yesterday I picked up 80 Pounds of Ground Round, 50 pounds of Cabbage, 10 pounds of Sweet Vadalia Onions, and trucked them with Honey to church along with the other ingredients needed. A couple we are friends with worked their butts off with us today to get this done!!!!!!

At 8am Dan and I started cooking 80 pounds of hamburger in 2 big Skillets, Dan and I were used to cooking big meals as we are both NAVY VETERANS!!!!! Each frying pan after browning down the meat was dumped into a strainer to remove all the fat, you don't want all that fat in your sause, the mix was a 80 -20 mix, 80% meat and 20% FAT, I think ours had a little more fat that 20%!!!

While the meat was slowly cooking and browning down we mixed up 3 big Electric cookers, and using my SECRET RECIEPT of Ketchup, Brown Spicy Mustard, Vinegar, Brown Sugar, Garlic, Celery Powder, Tomatoe paste, Tomatoe sause Worcestershire, Celery, Peppers and Tomatoes, and some other SECRET ingredients that shall forever remain a SECRET we put these 3 on to simmer at 200 degrees.

Once they came almost to a Boil and we had the 80 pounds of burger cooked and drained we slowly turned down the heat and added the meat to the sause mixing it in.

Anna Mae and Ginny took the 10 pounds of sweet vadalia onions and chopped them up and Dan an I slowly cooked and browned them in the old skillets and added them to the top of the mix, letting them simmer on top for an hour before stirring them into the mess!!

Anna and Ginny then cut up 50 pounds of Cabbage and Dan and I ground it up and also ground up 20 pounds of carrots and the girls made Cole Slaw with more secret Ingredients.

While everything was cooking the "4 of us" set up the dinning room to seat 85 people.

About 2:00 o'clock the "4 of us" set down and "Took a Break" and had a nice lunch of Cole Slaw and Sloppy Joes, Dan and I had "Navy Coffee", the kind where the spoon stands up all by itself in the center of the cup!!! and the meal was simply Fantastically Yummy delicious!!!!!

The Ladies of the church came in on and off during the day dropping of homemade pies, cakes, cookies, cupcakes, of all types and flavors, which of course had to be sampled while cutting them and putting them on plates for individual servings by the 4 of us and they passed inspection!!!
Honey is standing on "One Leg" and faking a grin because her back was killing her!!!!!!!

At 4:30PM we opened the doors and in they started to come in, lots of familiar faces, quite a few friends and the regular people who show up every thursday also at the other churches that put on the meal every thursday. The best part was greeting people, saying hell'o and joking and jabbing at people as they passed thru the line to get their food, the joking around was great, telling people who wanted to know if it was beef or pork that it was neither, some of it was road kill and some was some meat we had laying around but after scraping off the green mold it was still good, and when they would ask if it tasted good Dan an I would say we wouldn't eat it cuz we knew what was in it!!!!!!

We started feeding the masses at 4:45 and it was a constant flow of people coming in, eating, relaxing, and as they finished and left Anna and Ginny would pick up the plates, reset the table and in more came, we fed over a 165 hungry people, they were many who came up for SECONDS and some THIRDS. we send home about 25 to-go-containers- with some people to deliver to some shut ins who could not make it to eat.we served the last meal at 6:30PM. A nice event again!!!

Then it was the clean up, We were really disappointed by the lack of MORE HELP, usually we have about 8 people who help but work, sickness, and other commitments it was just the 4 of us until 5:30 when a couple of our Lay, Life and Work Committee showed up and thankfully dove into washing dishes, picking up and cleaning up the big pots and pans we didn't get to after cooking.

After everyone had left about 7PM and we finished cleaning up we got done about 8:30PM, the Left over deserts, cakes, pies, etc were packed up and put in the refrigerator, we will put them out sunday after church for a Coffee Hour where they will get eaten.

Tomorrow I will finish putting togeather my Sermon for Sunday and after this entry I will re-read what I have made for notes as I have some changes I want to make that I thought about. One change I made is usually during Chruch we "Pass the Peace" by greeting each other and shaking hands and we will not be doing that as one of our local hospitals has several cases of "Swine Flu" and there is no need to take any chances as several of our members went to Mexico for Spring Break.

Anna mae is in her chair with "Ice Paks" on her back and is going to take a couple extra "Pain Killers" before she goes to bed due to the fact that she "Over-did it" !

I am tired and sore and so are Dan and Ginny, but we have the satisfaction of doing our part in "Serving the Lord" in helping those less fortunate than some, maing sure some people didn't have to sit home and eat a meal all alone and I even got a chance to mingle a little and talk to a few people and greet a few soldiers who were first time visitors to our suppers. Even had a few say they would make sure they would be in church Sunday to listen to me Preach!!!!!!

As we end April we start May, which means "Memorial Day" is fast approaching, each year the local paper publishes a letter to the editor I write regarding my thoughts and beliefs on Memorial Day and I have that started but need to "Get-er-Done" to meet the dead line!!!!

Lets not forget our "Veterans" past and present !!!!!

Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fishing TRIP!!

Well we woke to a beautiful God given day friday and packed a lunch, packed the car and headed out on a "Fishing Trip", We drove down to Dexter and tried 2 places where it was easy access for Anna Mae, We fished and planned on having fish for dinner saturday, we ended up eating chicken!!!!

We saw an Osprey over head circle and circle overhead and float and then down he came like a bullet, what a sight as he hit the water and bang, he got a nice fish, he had better luck than we did!!!!! we saw lots of birds and watched Merganzer Ducks and also saw a Woodduck come out of the woods and land in front of us. What a great time we had!!!!

We both enjoyed the sunshine and beauty of Dexter. We took a break and had a River front "Picnic", Anna is doing good as long as she stays on level ground but is having some problems adjusting to the pain medications and trying not to overdo it.

We didn't get any fish friday so Anna and I met My Son, Daughter, and Granddaughter and we all went to the Elks Club for the first "Bullhead" feast for the season I was good and only had 6 nice tasty ones!!! Next Saturday is the "Bullhead Feed" in Brownville, its all you can eat and is one of the best feeds around!!!!

Tonight I cooked "Chicken", NOT FISH as I had hoped for, I made up a BBQ sause of Ketchup, mustard, onion and garlic powder and brown sugar, anna made steamed cauliflower and Brocolli and cheeze, and Mac and Cheese, it wasn't the trout we had hoped to catch and fry up but it was very, very tasty.

In the back ground of this picture below is this years garden spot, We didn't have this one last year, not much in it yet but we have bought Onion Sets and our seeds and have to waittill the end of May to plant, BUT will wait till we see what the forecast is, last year we had a late frost the end of May.

Right now it is clouding up, temp is fantastic 70 degrees, (YAHOO) and we are supposed to get some strong Thunder and Lightning and rain tonight! Hopefully it will stay warm!!!

We need to remember our "Veterans" everyday!!!


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Disappeared!

Where did summer go????? It started to warm up but "Mother Nature" changed her mind, it is cool and 43 right now, rain is forcast with possibly snow for the higher elevations!!! Thats OK, we are low elevation!!!

It's hard to believe that 2 weeks ago Anna Mae had back surgery, she still has lots of pain but the key seems to be walking every hour and staying on level ground. She can do maybe 3 or 4 stairs but thats it. She still takes the pain killers but the incision is healing nicely.

We are going to Dexter and fish the Black River hopefully friday morning, it is a handicapped access area and it used to be good fishing as I recall from years past.

Well I got to get back to putting a church service togeather for may 3, Minister is gone and I got the helm.

We lost another member of our 10th Mountain Division in Iraq, all our area flags are at half staff again, seems like we fly them half-mast a lot aver the past years!!!

Keep our service men and women in your prayers and also my Anna Mae!!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009


Well, its warmer, time for Beach and Bubble gum music, you can go outside now with just a Jacket on and standing in the sun its warm as you can see by the picture.

We had elections at the American Legion and I was re-elected Post Historian, Chairman of Graves and Registration and Post Public Relations Officer, I declined and gave up Post Finance Officer as it takes a lot of valuable time.

Anna mae is doing "Great", she over does it but thats what women do I guess, always gotta doo that little bit more to "Get-er Done"!!! She now used the 4 wheeled walker only seldom and can usually get around with just her cane.
Wednesday was our Monthly Birthday Dinner we have every Month and celebrated 5 Birthdays, 1 who just turned 90 and another who turned 97, Great Cake and everyone brought a dish to pass and the food was fantastic!!!!

Friday night was our "Bingo" game here and we had about 21 people show up, a good time was had by all.

We were busy this week, we went for a ride and found a "Handicapped Access" fishing spot but it was too far to walk in, we went the next day and fished up in Harrisville in the West Branch of the Oswegatchie and then went to to the "Jerdon Falls" which allowed Anna Mae to fish right off the road and off a bridge BUT water was fast and high and "No Fish" for supper!!

We set up and served a luncheon at Church on Saturday for one of our members, "Our Lay, Life and Work" committee served about 70 people at noon, and of course there was my honey bee bopping around waiting on people and working in the kitchen as much as she could.

Church today was nice, good attendence but anna mae had trouble sitting for so long on those old hardwood benches even with a back pillow she had to get up and walk around, and now I have to start putting togeather some "Sermons" as the Minister is going to be off for a few Sundays and I have been asked to to fill the Pulpit again!!!

Summer is starting, tonights dinner was fantastic, Baked beans with Bacon Strips, Tossed Salad with cheese, grapes, I took 2 large chicken breasts, pounded them down with a mallet, mixed Rasberry and Vinegar, Onion, Garlic, Olive Oil and grilled them for about 45 minutes slowly on the gas grill the Housing authority has put back out for the summer, YUMMY!!!!!

Anna Mae made it out to check on the cook and to get some sun and fresh air and is doing very good. Its hard to believe she had major back surgery 12 days ago!!!!!!!

Well there is some rain forecast for tomorrow but Tuesday its going to be nice and we are going pack some sandwiches, snacks and goodies and drive down to Dexter and fish the Black River!!

I think if the Shipping companies were smart they would make this standard issue on all their Ships traveling thru PIRATE Territory!!!!!!!!!


Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The song playing is for my Annie!!!

We were up early and off to the Spine Center for Anna's 1 week check up following surgery, It was a rough ride down for her with frequent stops for her to strech her legs and ease the back pain from sitting in the car, the Doctor said the incision in the Back was healing good, still has back pain and leg pain an uses her 4 wheeled buggy to walk with but can move short distances without it using a cane. We are thankful for her healing.

The week following surgery was a short walk, every hour, pain pills, naps and longer walks and she made enuogh progress to go to the Breakfast at the Nazarene Church and we did make it to church at 11, I was the Liturigist and read scripture. Then we came home and honey rested.

We were not going to do much for easter BUTabout 2PM there was a knock on the door and we were invited to have lunch with a couple whose mother lives here, we feasted on Ham, Turkey Ham, Turkey, Lamb, taters, squash, stuffing, cranberrries, home made pies, cakes, what a fitting feast for such a glorious day!!

The week was filled with many cards in the mail for Anna Mae, phone calls from Texas, Florida, Oregon, and also emails and well wishes and lots of Prayers from everyone, THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am off to the American Legion for election of Officers tonight and going to drop my Honey off at Church with some of her friends so she will be in good hands.

I was on the USS Boxer, CVA-21 many many years ago!!!!!!

Proud to be a Navy Veteran,
Navy 3, Pirates 0, Good Job!!!!

Lets not forget our Veterans!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009


It almost time!!!


WELL, Anna Mae had her back surgery, Tuesday morning we left at 4 am, got to syracuse, met the staff and into surgery she went, ME- I paced, read, paced somemore, fret and stewed and then the phone in her room rang, it was the Doctor who ststed everything was OK, it took longer than planned but she was well and in recovery, SO, I paced, read some more and finally they brought her back, thankfully it was a private room, she slept, and finally woke up and took a few sips of water.

Mostly she stayed in bed for the day and at evening time they came in and got her up to WALK!!! They had her pumped full of pain killers to stop any pain so she could walk, it was important that she feel no pain in the area they operated on so the muscles would be relaxed and they sure were!! They operated on 2 places on her lower spine, the words were to big and complicted for me, she had a pain pump installed in her spine that gave her meds, after a few bites of supper she was gotten up and walked again and once more she walked in between naps until they had me leave at 8PM.

The Doctor was great, nurses were fantastic, the gas passer who put her under was very nice, everyone one on all 3 shifts were fantastic to my honey and also to me.

Wednesday morning at 6am I got to the spine center, got to her room and they were discharging her to go home!!! The weather was cold, about 32 degrees and windy, we got about half way home and ran into a blizzard, white outs, unplowed roads, slush and every POTHOLE I managed to hit made my honey jump in pain!!

Wednesday was bed rest, pain killers and up every 10 minutes every hour to walk a little, all day thursday it was a walk for 10 minutes every hour and each walk she went a little farther.

Thursday morning I had to remove the dressing and remove the wire that was inserted in her back to give her the pain meds, I pulled gently and kept pulling and finally removed about a FOOT of hollow thin plastic that gave her meds, then the bleeding started, all kinds of liquids seeped out, scared the H3ll out of me but this was normal the doctor had said, Thursday was walks every hour on the hour and rest, today, friday she is walking with her 4 wheeled walker, doing fairly well and we go back tuesday for a recheck and get the stitches out.

The spine center has called, her doctor has called, and some of the neighbors have offered to babysit, cook, clean, do dishes, laundry but we are doing pretty good!!!!!

My Honey wants to go to the Easter Breakfast on sunday at the Nazarene church at 8am and then go to church at 11am, hopefully this will happen.

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and your concern!!!!!!

Also let us not forget our men and women serving their country!!!!!

Monday, April 6, 2009

When it Rains, it Pours!!!

No Joke: Winter Storm Watch Today-Monday April 6: Rain, mainly after 9am. High near 44. East wind between 11 and 16 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. Tonight: Rain likely before 10pm, then rain and snow. Low around 34. North wind between 6 and 8 mph. Chance of precipitation is 80%. New SNOW accumulation of 1 to 2 inches possible. Tuesday April 7 : SNOW, High near 37. West wind between 11 and 18 mph. Chance of precipitation is 100%. New snow accumulation of 3 to 5 inches possible. Right now it is cold, damp, dark and dismal and raining!!!

We are leaving at 3 AM for the Hospital in Syracuse Tuesday Morning so hope the roads are at least plowed so we can be at the Hospital at 6AM!!!!!

When I said "it don't rain but it pours", my daughter Sabrina fell while hiking Cat Mountain up in Wanakena and fell and broke BOTH her ankles!! The problem is the Grandson, Brent is a full blown, busy, active 8 year old who keeps her busy, I am gonna have my hands full when I bring Anna Mae home from the Hospital and I don't think Grandpa is gonna be much help to the daughter for a couple weeks!!!!!

Thankfully my son Jonathan is home now from Portland, Oregon and "Uncle" Jon can pitch-in!!!!!! and the Grand-daughter Shannon can help with her brother and my son-in-law, Ed works construction and will be home evenings and weekends!!!!

For those who sent me an email about our local news and news sites, Here is our local News Site for our area, , this site has pretty much replaced our daily newspapers.

I have the house arranged for a wheelchair, walker and put in another phone in the bedroom, My Honey has the fridge loaded with food, salads, sweets and treats for me while she's laid up so I won't starve!.

Well, I am almost finished up here at the Legion, I am caught up on reports, finances, and communications so will be heading home to start packing. Hope your week is good and eventful!!! Take Care!!

Thank you for all the emails and well wishes an prayers for Anna Mae, I printed them off and will give them to her Tuesday morning before surgery!!!!

Never forget those serving an those who have served!!!!!!!!!!


Saturday, April 4, 2009


WELL!! "Old Man Winter" had reared his ugly head and with one big breath blew out the warmer air and replaced it with winds, snow, cold air, right now we have about 2 inches of fresh new S N O W !!!!!!!

"Mother Nature" has been nice to us with temps in the 60's and sunshine but she lost the battle and Winter settled back in for awhile, highs forecast for this week are in the high 30's, BBBBBBRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!.

What a SHOCK to hear about the shooting spree in Binghamton, NY which is about 2 hours from here, what a senseless tragic thing for 14 people to be killed, and then I see where 3 policemen were kiled in an ambush today, what a tradegy, this will give the Gun Control nuts more ammo for the Outlawing of guns!!!

Well, the laundrys all caught up, fridge is stocked up and it will be off to Syracuse Tuesday Morning for Anna's Surgery!!! The weather can do pretty much what it wants as Honey is confined to rest and relaxation for 4 to 6 weeks in bed or a hard back chair, no recliner or sofa!!!

Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend, we went to Marty and Penny's and played Euchre, ate cheese, chips, dip and snacked all after noon, this time the men played against the women and we won 3 to 2!!!

We went into his garage and cooked 8 big, juicy, 3 inch thick, 8 inch long SPARE RIBS, I made a sause of Vinegar, Olive Oil, Ketchup, and Brown Sugar and the Bar B Q sause was great, it took almost an hour to cook the ribs because they were so big but they sure were juicy and tasty, the girls cooked small salt potatoes, tossed salad, garlic bread, and an Apple Pie and we did eat very well.

It was a great afternoon, discussins and solving all the problems of the world and the community!!!!!!!

Lets not forget our Veterans!!!!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, it looks like after all the tests, studies, poking, prodding, therapy, discussions and hundreds of miles in trips to Syracuse My little Darling wife is going to have surgery, it is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th, we have to get up and be on the road at 3:30AM to have her there for prep for surgery at 6AM. I will be able to be with her right up till surgery but not afterwards as she will be in a private room, I can visit in the afternoon after recovery and be there with her till 8PM and then I have to leave so she can rest, They gave me the name of a Motel just down the street where I can stay at a reduced Hospital rate, I would hate to pay the full rate$$$$$, but I can be up early and go back in the morning. The reason I can't stay is security is tight and it's not allowed.
The Hospital is more of a specialized spine surgical center than hospital and their rules on visitors, guests is tough and they are very concerned with colds, flus, or any sickness being brought in by family or visitors.

They are going to try to repair one disc and remove part of another one. We talked about NOT having the surgery but there is a 10% chance it will ease some of the pain and discomfort, 10% does not sound like much but with her pain level any relief will be beter than none.

The weather has changed and has gotten colder but tomorrow is going to warm back up, the snow is slowly going, the robins are now here in full force and now we are awaiting the Daffodils to bloom, Bullhead fishing has started but we will not be able to do much fishing.

Recovery time for the surgery is going to be a long slow process and we have faith that it will be a good slow strong healing process. Time will tell!! She is taking "Sticky" and "Rags" with her to read again and I am taking my sneakers with me to help while I pace the floor!!!! We have gotten a walker and bathtub seat for after the surgery.

Hoping everthing is going well with everyone, Hopefully it will start warming up soon!!!!!

Let us not forget our servicemen and women in our prayers!!!!!