Wednesday, December 31, 2008


As we close out page # 365 of 2008 and start a new page #1 for 2009 I wish you all the best.

I wish that God gives you laughter, smiles, and grins, also frowns, scowls and tears.

I wish that a family member brings you joy, a neighbor treats you nice, and a stranger effects your life so that you in return will cause a difference in someone elses life.

I wish for those lost to be found and those who have been found to seek those still lost!

I wish for the safe return of all our service men and women and the return of those still missing and unaccounted for.

I wish for the sick to be healed and the healers to do more for those still sick!

I wish for those who have lost Loved Ones less pain, anger and remorse.

I wish for a better understanding of the world and its ways and that I am able to understand and accept things as they happen.

I wish the best for my Honey, less pain, more smiles and better knowledge of my love for her!

I wish my family all the best for 2009, may your hopes and dreams be fulfilled and I wish my children long lives, happiness and a bright future.

On a selfish note, I wish my friend Mark could suddenly be all better, come out of his coma, and I could tell him once more how much I care about him and what he means to me and hear him tell me once more after a long phone call... "Hey, I love ya Man, Take Care Ole Buddy"!!!.

BUT, I know that these are wishes, I also know that I live in reality and there are things that not only I must face but everyone else must also.
I know that if the Lord brings me to it, he will lead me through it.

So with each of these wishes I have made I also make them into my prayer tonight as we end 2008 and begin 2009.

Sunday, December 28, 2008


Day started our great,, 45, sunny and nice southern breeze, snow is disappearing fast, off to church and 8;30AM, made Horses De Overies, *(little TURKEY, celery, onion, samiches), sliced some fantastic crumbly Old Sharp New York State Cheeze, dill Pickels, Chips, coffee and made punch, put out fresh Carrot Cake and Cookies and had a nice luncheon after church at noon. *(I AM SO SICK OF TURKEY)

At 11:00AM the winds started up, a severe wind storm hit us hard, wind gusts up to 75 MPH, we lost some shingles off the church roof, and the Old church shook under the winds.

This is whats left of the camper that the wind hit at 75 MPH on the canadian bridge about noon!!!

The bridge to Canada is closed, wind tipped over a camper and pick-up and also in the picture below it tipped a tractor trailer over, Interstate 81 near watertown is closed due to cars blown off the road, thousands out of power just north of us, and we have some power outages here in Jefferson County. we been lucky, the wind sounds like a small jet engine, gusts from 50 to 75 miles an hour, our lights flickered but we have a huge generator ready if the lights go off here.

We took a drive around the area, trees down, big branches broke off, tops of trees snapped off like toothpicks, wires down, roofs blowing off. One thing about New York in the winter, if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and it will change!!!!


On a sad note, one of my best friends in Allen, Texas is having a hard time, We were permanant Partners for years, each riding shotgun for the other in cruisers, walking those dark cold dreary nights on a Beat , watching each others back, Once he stopped a teen-age girl from shooting me, I once stopped a man from clubbing him with a metal pipe and many other stories to numerous to begin, we worked the same shift togeather for years, had the same days off, did our share of laughing, crying, teasing and also friends off the job. He's been fighting Cancer for a long time now and on his last treatment everything went down hill, He was put in Baylor University Hospital in the ICU! Could ya do me a favor and maybe say a Big Ole Prayer for Mark!!!!

We also cannot forget those Military serving to protect our freedoms and handling the job of being in Harms Way, we must keep them in our prayers and from the way things look in the Middle East it doesn't look good.

Friday, December 26, 2008

Rest and Relaxation

Well, Our Christmas was great, we are getting rid of the Turkey with a lunch at church after services sunday with Turkey Salad Sandwiches, chips and pickles at coffee hour. Things are calming down so it was finally time for some R and R!
We went to our friends, got out the New York State Sharp Cheddar Cheeze, Croghan Bologna, Chips, Crackers, soda and played Cards *(euchre) all afternoon till dinner. My partner and I beat my honey and her partner 5 games to 1, *(HOOORAY) We talked, laughed, argued a little politics, discussed family, kids, grand kids, growing old, taxes, and what next year will be like.
Dinner was tossed salad, home made stuffed shells with beef or sausage and desert was Bluebery or Apple Pie!!!! Right now I am relaxed, talked out, and all larded up and ready for the recliner!!!!

It is cold out, 30, and a *(Freezing Rain watch) posted until tomorrow!

Never forget those that cannot be home!!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas


Rained most of today, making the snow wet, heavy and soggy, lots of roofs being shoveled off and temp now is 44 degrees.

We went to Christmas Eve services, nice service, about 120 people showed up. The choir was soothing, the christmas carols were uplifting and I would like to share with you my Christmas Prayer I delivered tonight for the service;.........................................

Lord I know you hear our prayers, and I know you answer them in your own way, sometimes there not answered exactly the way we want them to be answered, Lord this is my prayer, During this year about to end--- Lord, We have all been through a lot. We have been through many ups and downs.

We have been confused at times and sometimes felt totally Lost. Your unconditional love guided us through this year and brought us to this point where we are about to start a new fresh year and a new fresh page with you, please help us to understand you better and let us all be a worthy servant.

God, may the brilliance of your one true light, born so long ago illuminate our hearts and shine in our words and deeds. May the hope, the peace, the joy, and the love represented by Jesus’s birth in Bethlehem fill our lives and become part of all that we say and do.
Continue to bless us that we may be a blessing to others. Keep us strong that we may help the weak. Keep us uplifted that we may have words of encouragement for others.

For those newly elected leaders coming into office please be a guiding presence in their lives as they govern over us here and around the world.

For each and every family member here and those at home I pray for peace, love and joy in their lives and in their homes. For those sick or hospitalized watch over them.

Please hold our service men and women in your strong arms. Cover them with your sheltering grace and presence, also Lord remember the families of our service men and women and we ask for your blessings on all those still missing or unaccounted for.

Thank you, God for the wonderful gift of your son, Jesus, as we prepare to again celebrate His birthday, help us to remember Him, as we give and receive gifts, let us take time to pray for those who have nothing and no one, for those cold homeless and lonely that feel forgotten, Help us Lord, to help them with our prayers and to fill their Christmas with you and with your hope, love, peace and joy.


Sunday, December 21, 2008

First day of WINTER

WELL, winter officially arrived today, We woke up to blowing and drifting Snow, not bad, the other 8 churches CLOSED, EXCPT 2-- THE CATHOLIC CHURCH AND US!!!! We left at 10 am driving thru about 10 inches of snow and drifts of 2 to 3 feet.

Me and Honey got to church and set about cooking and re heating for Stone Soup, reheated meat from 8 turkeys, 40 pounds Taters, dressing, 4 gallons gravy, 24 pounds squash, green beans, corn, Homemade Pies, cakes, cookies and candy!!! We were joined by our other committe members and we all went to work!!

We had a nice church service even though the minister was SNOWED - IN and couldn't make it but we had our service, some choir members for singing and the 24 people who showed up shared stories of what we were thankful for. At Noon the LAKE EFFECT STORM HIT full force dumping another 6 inches of snow, then it died down about 2PM, the phone rang constantly and YES, we were having Christmas Dinner. The men stopped for a picture, and we got the women to stop for a minute!!!!

We started getting in the walkers about 3PM, and then it was a steady trickle of people who came to eat and share. We served 65 very hungry people, we sent them off with full bellies and big smiles and received many "Thank-You's--God Blesses, Merry Christmas wishes, we then started cleaning up and doing dishes. THEN another LAKE EFFECT SNOW hit again dumping another 6 inches of snow in about 2 hours, After all cleaned up we plowed thru about a foot of snow to make it home, both beat, tired and sore, Out came the "Heating Pads" -"Liniment" and pain killers!!!!!! At 7;30PM were getting hit with still MORE SNOW!! The serving line is all lined up and we started serving our guests at 3PM!!!

We made some people Happy, we fed people who otherwise would have missed a good Turkey Dinner and had folks sitting around having someone to eat with instead of being home alone. I got the chance to wander and talk with our "Guests" and wish them a Happy Holiday and made sure they "ate their fill"!!

We plowed our way HOME thru the SNOW into the lot, our maintainance MEN were still moving snow, this is the first day of winter, our first snow storm was Halloween, so far todate we have between 7 and 8 feet of snow that has fallen so far!! Glad some of it melted and didn't stick around, this is our side door entrance showing the wind whipped snow and drifting snow.


Well hope your weekend was great and your all ready for Christmas!!!!

Let us not forget those whose Christmas will not be "Bright and Merry" and those who will be seperated from their loved ones!!!!!!!


Friday, December 19, 2008

Let it snow-let it snow-let it snow

Who says "Senior Citizens can't have a little fun"!!!

Like the song says, "Let it Snow" which it has surely done today, right around 11AM it started snowing and at 9PM its still coming down, winds out of the NE now about 20 -23 mph and temp is about 8 above SO the wind chill is now 15 below zero with about 8 -10 inches of fresh snow so far!!!! Gonna be nice tomorrow but another storm heading our way sunday, hope it holds off till after our Stone Soup Christmas Dinner!!!


We hustled around picking up turkeys, squash, potatoes to start cooking tomorrow for sundays feast. We just finished unpacking at church when down came the snow, and its snowing and snowing, Just a good old fashioned Northern New York winter.

The 2 Maintainance men here has been great, they have shoveled, plowed, sno-blowed and then did it all over again and then---did it all over again, mother nature sure has pushed them with all the week-end snows and storms, well, 5 days till christmas, me and honey are not buying each other anything this year, theres nothing we really need, besides we got each other!!!!!!

We are lucky because we have a lot more that a lot of people in the world do and for that we are thank-full!!!

Don't forget our troops, say a little prayer tonight and everynight that they all come home!!!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Catch Up Time

Well, lets catch up: My neck is killing me but coming along and Honeys back is still the same!! But we're great for the shape we're in and thankful it is not worse!!

We hosted a surprise Birthday party for one of our youngsters who turned 90, we had a nice turn out and our guest joined the other 90's ladies and had a good time. the girls were 96, 90, 90 and 94.

This is our Pastry Chef, Donut cooker, and master maker of all sweets!!

We had a wonderful meal tuesday the 16th, the Management and Staff here put on a nice, Ham, Baked tater, veggie luncheon for all 50 units here, and one of our lady residents made a big bunch of Homemade, "Old Fashioned Cream Puffs", we had about 48 people whe enjoyed our Christmas Present of a "Fine Lunch"! We then gave out Gift Certificates to the manager and staff for all the wonderful things they do for us all year long. Also the day before Christmas we all recieve a small present in front of our door from Santa AND the local Fire Department arrives and deliveres everyone Chocolates, not those little box's, I mean a BOX of chocolates, if you are a couple ya get 2 BOXS!!!

We left for the 2 hour ride to the Central New York Spine Clinic in Syracuse, We got there, stiff, sore and hobbled and limped into the complex. Honey had all her MRI's, x-rays and paperwork, met the Nuro-Surgeon, discused her problems, he checked her over, showed us on the MRI the buldging and damaged Discs, and right now "Surgery" was ruled out, very nice Doctor, short, blunt and to the point!

Tomorrow another storm is coming in from the west with some more snow, nothing new for living here in God's Country, just another regular snowy day to add to the 5 feet of snow we have already.

Friday and Saturday I'm cooking 8- 20# turkeys, 40 pounds of taters and squash and Sunday we are serving the community our Monthly Stone Soup Supper. We have cooked for 125 and hopefully will run out of food.

Hope everyone is doing great and getting ready for the Holiday!

Lets not forget those who will not be home for the Holidays!!!!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

DANGER: Don't go to Bed!!

Went to bed early wedmesday nite, *(10th) Thursday Woke up and couldnt move my head, neck ache, the pain felt like a Red Hot Ice Pick stqbbing me in the back of the neck, couldn't lift my head, barely able to swollow, *(Hell- I thought, another stroke),,My honey helped me up, everything worked, smile, talk, grin, arms , legs moved, honey had to put my slippers on and help me out of bed, all day was terrible, sharp pains in the back and left side of my neck. Stayed in bed all day, took pain killers, heating pad and tried to sleep, another painful, restless night.

Thursday it was either the ER or Doctor, got lucky as Doctor said get right in, checked me over and found I had what are called *(Trigger Locks) where small knots form on the tendons and muscles of the neck,, Heavy pain killers and Icy/Hot cream rub and heating pad, home and back to bed, Honey litterly had to hold my head to make it possible to lay down.

Friday morning quick call to friend and it was off to chiropractor, honey had all she could do to put on my socks, pants, shoes, shirt and coat and get this 6 foot 1 inch, 250 pounder into car yelling and hollering at her!!! finally onto the table, snap, crackle, pop, squiching, squeezing muscles, screaming in pain, big alligator tears, then back home, more heavy duty drugs and felt better BUT was told it would hurt where he moved the musclels and HE WAS RIGHT, I was finally able to swollow some soup and broth and open my mouth some. Back to bed, unable to take off shoes and socks, glad my feet were clean, poor honey!!!!

Up this saturday to less pain, able to eat solid food and chew, cutting back on pain killers, doing exercises to loosen neck muscles and drinking gallons of water.

Really disappointed as friday night was the Police Departments Christmas Party I had to miss.

The pain is still almost unbearable at times, no position is comfortable, I have a micro-wavable bean-bag heat wrap around my neck, popcicle stick to bite down on to help with when swollowing. Back to chriopractor Tuesday, Then tuesday in the afternoon an hour trip to take my honey down to syracuse to meet with her neuro surgeon to see what we can do for her spine condition. WE SURE ARE A GOOD PAIR!!!!!!

In trying to figure out what happened, (1) I'm sure my Honey didn't hit me with a base-ball bat, (2) I'm also pretty sure an elephant didn't fall from the sky and land on my neck, (3)God is not mad at me ! (4) the night gremlin that lives under the bed is too small to do it, *(5) the cause is I have been told is I got into some type on position while sleeping and pinched off some nerves, tendons & muscles on the left side of my neck, the reason it didn't bother the right side of my neck is I had Carotoid Artery Bypass and most of the nerves on the right side are dead.

I know I whined and groaned and moaned a lot in this post but I am really thankful I had my Honey here to take care of me and I love her for it and some great Doctors. I also realize that there are lots of men and women right now in some far off land suffering a far lot more problems than I am.

Monday, December 8, 2008


12 BELOW ZERO this morning!!!! Boy was that cold, It finally warmed up to about 10 above zero, some sunshine all day BUT cold!!!! We had our Chili and Soup lunch and decorated today, was a good day to stay inside!!!! The Foyer and Christmas Tree look good, all decorated and lit up!

Right now, 8PM it has dropped to 8 above zero and, clear skys but hopefully the clouds will roll in and it will start to warm up.

Not much going on so will hop around and visit some Jlander's.

Hope everyone is doing OK!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

I T ' S C O O L L D D D !!!!!

Up early to more snow, temps in the high 20's, during the hour at church at 11AM we got about 6 inches of new snow, and a nice cool wind to make it bone-chillin cold! Before church we put a big old Hambone in the crockpot to simmer.

IS IT EVER COLD OUT: Right now the old thermo-meter says 8 ABOVE ZERO: clear stary night with a half/moon. Will see if it goes below zero tonight!!! Just before dark I heard the worst racket and looked up and overhead could make out first one flock of Canadian geese flying into a westerly wind, must of been about a 100 of them and then another bunch and then 2 more bunches just a quacking and honking flying into the westerly head wind, must of been a couple hundred of them, They WERE NOT flying south, Lake Ontario is west of us so they might be heading for open water or some corn fields that have not been cut yet because of the heavy snows.

Honey cut up carrots, soaked some split-peas in ham broth, cut up onions from our summer garden, I cut, hacked and cleaned the ham bone and cup up a nice piece of fresh ham and we put the pot on and let er cook all afternoon. Dinner was delicious!!!!
Tomorrow we decorate the "Old Folks Home", the housing authority puts up a big ole tree down in the community room and the tenants association decorate it along with the dining room, main entrance and our doors. At noon we are having Chili or Soup for the building tenants!!
Enjoyed hopping around Jland seeing all the nice entries done about Pearl Harbor
Hope everyone had a great weekend, we mainly watched it snow and blow and turned up the thermostat to 70!!!

Saturday, December 6, 2008

PEARL HARBOR December 7th, 1941

The attack on Pearl Harbor began at 7:48 a.m on Sunday December 7, 1941, 2,345 military and 57 civilians killed, 1,247 military and 35 civilians wounded, "A Day that shall live in Infamy"

Let us never forget those who have stood the “Final Watch" and made the “Final Voyage” under “Fair Winds and Following Seas”.

Someday, we too shall pass on to the "Supreme Commander" of us all, and when that day comes, we pray that there will be someone who will remember us as we have remembered those who have gone before us.


Friday, December 5, 2008

Did I tell you its Snowing

Well, 9 more inchs of SNOW, it is falling anout 2 inches an hour right now....nothing new for here, we have been busy running to the Doctors, getting tests and an MRI for My Honey, Church, and getting our ducks in a row for Christmas.

My Honey is in rough shape, she has a Degenerative Spine Condition and has had a bad set back, SO, we are now off ASAP to to a Neuro-Surgeon for his opinion. That means an hour ride down an back on snowy roads a few times to see whats next.

Wednesday I put Beef in the crock pot at 8AM, cut up carrots, newly dug potatoes, cut and peeled a couple dozen small summer onions, and let it simmer for 8 hours, went to our Alpha Group at church, everyone loved the Beef Stew and I enjoyed my plate of cottage cheeze, sliced apples, and cup of chicken Broth!!(UGGH). BUT I am progressing very well and losing weight as per the doctors orders. I still hurt but am healing and waiting for Christmas so I can eat MEAT!!!! I was able to pound out 3 songs on the Guitar for our group but quit while I was ahead.

Last night I was dreaming about a Smithfield Spiral Cut Ham, covered in Pinapple and clove with bacon strips and Amaretto Glaze with Sweet Potatoe Pie, black beans and rice and sharp cheddar cheeze on a piece of warm Carmel Pecan Pie BUT my Honey woke me up as I was chewing on her arm!!!!!

The 21st I am cooking 6-- 20+ pound turkeys, 40 pounds of potatoes and dressing and the ladies of the church will make their fabulous pies and cakes for desert and we will have our Community Stone Soup Supper for the Public's Christmas Dinner, We have noticed a large increase in our Dinners and some new faces which we are glad to see.

I am pleased to say we have 3,500 troops home back at Fort Drum from 15 months in Iraq who will be able to spend the Holidays with friends and family. Unfortunately there were some who did not return home who "Gave their All" !!! Hopefully those who came home will get their year off before being deployed again. Some units from Fort Drum have been deployed 3 to 4 times since this thing started over there. We probably will never be able to stop deployments but we can all pray for it to stop.

Hope everyone has a great wekend!!!!!!