Saturday, April 9, 2011

Is spring coming,

I hope spring is coming, we still have mised our weekly fishing trip for 2 weeks now and hope we get going on this, Well, we hadf a nice day today, it was warm and sunny, got up into the 60's so we went outside and worked in a little corner of the building weeding, digging and re-planting the Iris and the Hens and Chickens and believe me they were root bound. . . . . My Honey, Anna Mae re-planted what we dug up, they don't do much here for delicate work but we were lucky and had permission to work in this area. . . .
Hope this sign is not going to prove to be true !


Well, hope everyone is anxious for spring, bet Jack and Sher are glad their back in warmer climate.



.Jimmy can send me up some of that Florida heat he is getting now, but can not complain, Okeechobee is nice and I found the local Coffee Bar where all the badges and hired guns hang out !!!




Monday, April 4, 2011

COLD Spring

I am sick of waiting for the Ice to go out so I had Anna Mae get a picture of me, I am cutting out a strip in the creek where I can drop a line and hopefully catch a trout, I have lost some weight since getting home as it is a struggle in the cold ! . . . This picture below is just before we left Florida taken over at Post St. Lucie, I don't think anyone noticed that I forgot my trunks and went in with my Tidy-Whiteys on ! . .


Well, April in going to be busy catching up on Doctors appointments, dentist, and ENT, hopefully will start getting warm soon !

COME ON SPRING !!! . Let keep our service men and women in our prayers, now that we are involved in another conflict with a nut job !!!

Saturday, April 2, 2011

We are home !!!

We are home from Florida, It was nice all winter, BUT we are back to the Frozen Tundra's of the North Country !