Friday, June 10, 2011

Still around

were getting lots and lots of rainy cold damp weather, then it turned HOT, really hot and dry, first the farmers could not get into the fields to plow and then they dried out enough so they could.

Anna Mae is stillgetting the i njections in her lower back for pain relief and has had 6 shots on each side of her lower spine, that was 2 weeks ageo, she just had another set of 6 shots injected into the spine with some relief, she goes in 2 weeks and this time they will inject a material *(Liquid) that is 80 degrees warm, it will coat the areas where the pain originates, (Hopefully). I know the shots hurt her and they are black and blue because I see them when I take off the Banfages!

We are going camp[ing!!!! We have always had a place on Lake Bonaparte, we were there for 25 years and we are eager to get back into some camping so we dug out the tent and gear, heading out monday for 3 days in the woods.

I have started back playing the guitar and trying to pick back up on the Banjo, I am still having some trouble after the stroke with co-ordination but the guys I played with tonight didn't have a prob;lem with me not being able to finish some songs because I either got too tired or a little conmfused.

It was a great night, we played up in Philadelphia at the methodist church for a group tonight and it was well received.

Please keep our Service men and women in your prayers.

Glad to see the "SHIPS LOG" back out on the road, and also Jimmy;s "AREA 51" is very busy also.