Sunday, January 29, 2012

Wild Hogs

We took a ride out of the city and came upon this site, someone had just hit a couple of wild hogs, I stopped and snapped a few pictures,  The first hog by the road was a young one.

This is the little one in the road.

This is the big one down in the ditch, it will not be there long as the alligators and vultures will take care of rather quickly.   This hog was a couple hundred pounds.

One has to watch for these porkers while traveling around down here.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Well, the weather has been great, almost 80 and hot and sunny, the fishing has not been great, Bass and Specs are not that interested in grabbing onto thye hook.

Anna Mae is sitting on the Indian Parrie Canal, in the back ground you can see the smoke from the bruning of the sugar cane field, right behind the smoke is the Seminole Indian Casino and reservation.  No luck on any fish.

This Geeko better find a new place to call home because when I get ready to use the Gas Grill it is going to get very warm in his "house" !

We changed locations and this is the overpass from Okeechobee County into Glades County on the Kissimmee River, we were lucky as we saw 3 great big "Otters" frolic and play right in front of us which is probably why there were no fish here either!!

Well, sooner or later a fish had to come by and I was half asleep sitting on the dock when this little scrappy largemouth bass came by and put up a good fight,  after his picture and a notch in his tail so if I catch him again I know we were friends I put him back in the canal, they hyave to be 18 inches to keep down here.

Hope everyone is doing OK, I am gonna catch some fish because Jimmy from Jimmy's Journal gave me the location of a very secret spot that should prove interesting .

Let us not forget our Veterans !

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Frog Legs and Gator Tail

Breakfast was 2 large Honey Bell Oranges and 1 Ruby Red Grapefruit fresh squeezed for Breakfast and it is delicious, I cannot have Grapefruit Juice the Doctors say because of some of my medications so only have it now and then for a treat and man oh man was iot good.

We took a ride up north and went to an Alligator Tail and Frog Leg festival, it was in Fellsmere.

When we got there the place was packed, they were 5 police cars blocking and directing traffic into and around areas and parking was limited so they had a shuttle service, also they were about 200 biker's there and they were having a Carnival also with Rides, games of chance and they had a stage set up with bands playing and a huge tent for eating.

Thehe was all types of food from chicken to corn dogs to tacos but we drove up for the main feast which is a Frog Leg and Alligator Tail meal, it is $14 dollars a piece for this meal which as you can see below was,  Frog Legs, Gator Meat, Grits with butter, Cabbage Salad, Hush Puppies, it was a lot of dam good food and well worth the price.

When they handed you your styrofoam container they told you to hold it with 2 hands because it was not only hot but it was heavy !!

This meal was great.

On the way home we stopped at the Fort Drum Wild Life area and got a picture of this old Gator, Anna Mae and i both agreed this old timer was at least 10 and maybe 12 feet long.

You have to look to the left of the post and the Gator in almost in the center of the photo.


Monday, January 16, 2012

Cattle Drive

I hope every one is staying warm, it's kind of cool down here in Florida but still warmer than New York,  we went to for a drive yesterday and were very lucky to come upon a real life "Cattle Drive"',  I grew up on a farm and rode horses, "Plow Horses" and during my Police career I did have a chance to ride in a mounted patrol in Rochester, have been to a few rodeos and always want4ed to be a "Cowboy".   Yesterday we say real cowboys and a cowgirl!!

We came upon 3 Sheriff's cars stopping traffic on the 2 lane just outside the village of Okeechobee and there was one Deputy on a Horse.  This area is between a residential area.

While the other riders wer moving and rounding up the cattle, about 100 to 150 of them the one cowboy rode up fast and opened a gate without getting off the horse.

With the Cowboys behind and beside them these critters were moving fast to head for the opening following the one being led in front by a cowboy who had roped one to lead the others.

The last of the "Herd" crosses the highway into the other pasture.  What a nice show.

The "Cowboys" and "Cowgirl" gather to discuss the drive afterwards.  This was really something to see in real life and not on television.  I did notice most of the cowboys didn't use their reins to guide the horses but either leaned the way they wanted to go or the horse just automatically went after one of the cattle when it broke away from the group.

Let us not forget and remember our Vets!!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enjoying Ourselves

I have to put this picture on that was sent to me in regards to being in the Navy and learning to "March"  I was on a Frigate and there was not much room for "Marching" !!! 
  Thanks for the Picture "Chief" !!
It does bring back "Memories" !!

Things are going fairly well here for us Sno-Birds, 2 visitors that showed up this morning were 2 Sand Hill Cranes,  they stopped by and I got the chance to feed them some snacks as they wandered thru the driveway heading out back to the canal.

The other birds we get daily are what I refer to as Florida Chickens,  they come thru every morning, noon and night pecking away at the ground, fun to watch !!

The other interesting bird we have is we have an Osprey that likes the tree right next the house, he sits there with his fish snack he either scooped up out of the canal or sits on the ground and pulls apart one of the large doves he snatches.  He has an awsome cry and is neither afraid of me as I walk out under thye brfanch he claimed and just looks down at me and screams and goes on eating or just sitting there sunning himself.

Well, its 9:30pm and almost time for bed, I called up to New York and they still do not have much snow, just a couple of inches but the frost is in the ground about 10 to 12 inches, this is because there is no snow cover to insulate the ground, this could be bad later as this is an easy way to have your water lines freeze and bust.

Dont Forget, Rember our Vets! 

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Fine Florida Fishing

Well, a nice day in Okeechobee Florida, spent most of it Fishing in the canal in the back yard, This first picture is of the Catfish I hooked, he was a good scrapper and almost lost him but the line held.

I caught the catfish, a pumkin seed, a redear and 2 shell crackers which was a nice way to relax and get some sun.


This is "Pete" the Grey Heron, he shows up everytime I go to the dock to go fishing in hopes I will toss him a fresh fish.

I usually let most of the fish go I catch after I get their picture, this way someone else gets a chance to catch them, however I do keep specs and bass and catfish if I get a mess of them Here in this photp I am putting the fish back into the canal!


Another Beautiful day here in Okeechobee Florida looking to the west watching the sunset.

Lets not forget our Veterans  !

Thursday, January 5, 2012


We left New York in November and traveled around and ended up in Nashville,  Below is a picture of me " On Stage" at the Old Ryman Theater, home of the " Grand Ole Opry " and I picked and played ON STAGE where so many of my favorite country simgers performed, what an awsome feeling this was and such a humbling experience to stand where such greats did for years.

 We ended up in Sarasoto Florida for Christman visiting relatives before heading to Okeechobee Florida.

We went to the Beach at Siesta Key to watch a beautiful sunset.

Anna Mae decorating our Christmas Tree we brought with us from New York, we set it up at her mothers where we spent christmas.

I was doing OK but needed a little emergency tune-up so ended up in Raulerson Hospital for a few days, I did lose almost 20 pounds but am gaining it back.

This is where we are hanging our hats for a couple months while playing "Sno-Birds" !

We are doing some yard work, sprucing up and planting some flowers and a couple tomato plants to keep us busy !!

Thankfully I still can catch fish !!!