Thursday, April 29, 2010


We have been busy with the both of us running to the Doctors, but we are still going, It has been nice here for awhile, we have managed to get outside and do some fishing, and a little traveling, AND Monday May 3rd we leave for MYRTLE BEACH for a couple of weeks to try and find some sun and relaxation, we have been running to the Funeral Homes, Hospitals and hopefully things quiet down here because we are getting out of Dodge for awhile.

We traveled up to Cranberry Lake to try our luck but nothing hitting yet, and we had on pants and a flannel shirt!

This is the Oswegatchie River looking up towards the Adirondack Mountains and it was a pretty day for riding the back roads.

We stopped way up in Belfort and tried our luck here but zip ah dee doo dah, No Fish!!

We did find a nice spot for a late lunch, the black flies were just starting to hatch but they stayed away from us and it was a nice sunny day about 65, sunny and nice out!

this week Mother Nature reminded us thet we live in Northern New York and the weather can change, we got a SNOW STORM, we had some schools closed, a few traffic accidents and people went from MOWING THEIR LAWNS TO GETTING OUT THE SNOW BLOWERS.

Thankfully it warmed back up and the snow is almost gone again.

One thing about New York weather, if you don't like it today, just wait because it will change tomorrow!!




Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, I think summer is almost here, It was 72 today, sunny and warm IN THE SUN! We have done some scouting around and found that the water is low enough for us to start our weekly fishing excursions, Today we headed out of the county and went up into Lewis County and tried the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River on State Land, we got a few bites but no luck, we moved on and went to New Bremen and tried it there and could see the trout BUT could NOT get them to bite, tried worms, lures, spinners but they just were not hungry.

We stopped and had a nice lunch and coffee, and had a nice ride back home, 1 thing I noticed is there are not many visable Wild Turkeys around for some reason, Turkey Season starts here May 1st and it don't look good.

Well, hope everyonw is doing OK!

Above is my Honey on the Bridge over the Oswegatchie River which is usually a hot spot for Trout but NOT TODAY!

Let us not forget our Veterans!!!


Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Staying Busy

I have been trying to stay busy after getting over this cold/flu/bug/disease/ thing ah mah gingy I have had that blocked my sinus, plugged my lungs and made me cough up toenails, and am doing pretty good at getting rested up.
I have an appointment with my Cardio Surgeon, My Heart Doctor and my Urologist all in a row so should be checked out pretty good from head to toe.

I was rested up enough to go out and play with the "Friends of God" and we did Angels Inn Nursing Home and also went to the Jefferson County Home for the Aged on Sunday and played and sang our little hearts out and we enjoyed ourselves and the residents also enjoyed them selves joining in on the singing and toe tapping and clapping.

It always makes me feel good when we play for these "Young-Uns" in these places, it is also sad to see some of these people who were once healthy, happy give-em-hell types who are now tied into wheelchairs, unable to walk, some who just sit and stare with no emotion, others who sit with colors and a coloring book and the others who will join in and sing and clap and laugh, it is funny how life treats us in the end and how we all end up different than others, BUT, that is just life, nobody said it was going to be fair!!

Karl who is the other Member of the group that is so kind to let me play is off, he had to have Carpal Tunnel Surgery on his left hand and can't play for a while, but this is Dennis and Roger I played with.


From the Angels Inn above we moved on to the Jefferson County Home for the aged.


I had to take a break, I was running out of Oxygen and tired so Walt Joined in and took over on my new Guitar for me for awhile. He thought if he didn't bring his guitar he could sit back and relax but I am glad he was there.


I did manage to tune up the new Banjo and try a little picking and grinning, the t-shirt is from the group Fred and the Eds who are a very good band from watertown. I worked with Fred as a fellow Policeman who also is a very good guitar player.


At the end we always close with "Amazing Grace" and I managed to get enough oxygen back to finish out singing with the gang to close out the day.

Let us not forget our service men and women both from the past and the present!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


I had a friend give me a couple of Computer Towers to putter around on, I am trying to make 1 out of 2 so I opened them up and got to the guts of the machines.

I have no idea of what I am really doing but it has kept me entertained for several days unhooking wires, changing things around and scaring my honey because me and electrical things do not get along.

Besides, it is still cold outside can't go fishing yet as the water is still high and fast and temps are only in 40's and 50's when you go outside.



While inside I found this little guy wandering around, I thing he is my "Virus Protection" that guards me input and looks for things!


I got a little deeper into the computer and found this couple wandering around, she was friendly and waved but he was holding his hand out I think looking for money to finish helping me put these things back togeather.


Well, I got done puttering around, put them back togeather and after all that work, moving things around, changing wires and connectore and all sorts of things I sit down and. YUP, you guessed it, neither computer would work!!


Oh well, tomorrow I will join the "Friends of God" and will pack up the guitars and head out to play at a "Senior Citizen" place called "Angels Inn" in Watertown where we have played before and then we will go play at the Old Folks Home at the County Building.

Remember to keep the Coal Miner's Families in your thoughts and Prayers as they deal with the current tradegy.


Hope everyone is doing well, and don't forget our Veterans.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

What did you say?


We have been busy running to the Hospitals and then to the Funeral Homes again, First we had to go to my wifes Uncle Bob Greenwood who passed away, then we had to go for Her Uncle James Astafan. Both good honest upright men who lived full long lives.

Well, we have been staying busy, at least my Honey has been busy taking care of me, I came down with a very serious Chest Cold, Lung Infection and Sinus Infection and Ear Infection, I spent 6 days in bed, 1 day at the Doctor for some anti-biotics and 1 day at Ear, Nose and Throat, (ENT) as I could not hear, I used it to my advantage like not hearing honey tell me to "take out the trash" of "Turn the TV down", ENT set me up for a surgical procedure which I have had done 3 times before where they have to drain the infection from behind my ear drum.

There is not much they can do to help with the pain of inserting the tube thru the ear drum except to tell you to "HANG ON"!! The pain is tremendous as they puncture the ear drum and then insert the drainage tube but well worth the relief it brings, the only problem now is everything is too "LOUD"!

My left ear was plugged solid, I have some scar tissue on it from the previous 3 tubes, the Doctor was a very nice man, Dr. Hillerman, he added me to his schedule to do the procedure and did not me wait a MONTH before he could get me in which I am thankful for, Dr. Hillerman placed the last tube, # 3 in my ear which lasted 10 months before it fell out, The first tube and second tubes each lasted over a year before they fell out.


The above picture is the drainage tube put in my left ear, the white area around the plastic drainage tube is Scar Tissue which is from the 3 previous tubes.
The Tubes they insert last abut a year if you are lucky and keep them dry, use an ear plug when showering and do not go swimming and get the ear wet that has the plug in it, but its great to hear again.

On this Day we are thankful for everything we have been allowed to have, let us not forget our men and women in uniform serving.