Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Winter's Back

Well, We started to get spring weather for awhile, but it has turned colder!!

I had to go to the Doctor this morning, unable to breathe, bad cough, didn't sleep much, stuffed up, so 10 days of heavy anti-biotics, nose sprays, lots more pills!!

Not much going on up here except April 1st it opening day of Trout Season!!

I have supported my sister Janice and her family and we have buried my Brother in Law Kenny in the Family Cemetary.

This is the Hum-Drum season, too cold to go outside and do much, just warm enough to go outside without a coat and catch a COLD!!

I see from reading your blogs everyone is busy and seems to be doing OK!!

Don't forget our Veterans!!

Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, we're starting to show sign's of Spring, snow is melting, there is lots of mud where there was snow, the Canadian geese are back BUT still have not see 1 Robin yet!

The Sugar Bush's are boiling sap for Maple Syrup and the Deer River and Black River are now Ice Free and running, there was NOT a lot of SNOW so there should not be a lot of severe flooding.

Down State they are getting hammered with Rain and Wind but up here in the Northern Wastelands it is calm and quiet, maybe a little rain this coming week.

I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters all living, My oldest Sister, Janice's Husband, Kenny is in the Hospital, pretty rough shape, not doing good, we have kept him on the prayer chain and he is not recovering well, he is now on heavy drugs for pain, we are skipping church tomorrow, my sister called and said things did not look very good.

We are heading out in the morning for the drive up to the Hospital in hopes of seeing him before he goes on to meet the maker. This has been real hard and rough on my sister, and their 3 sons and daughter.

Well, life goes on, I am trying to read Sgar but too many interuptions, Anna Mae is trying to walk to help her leg and back but is still having problems even after having surgery.

Nobody said life was going to be easy, BUT it is good, Hope everyone is doing OK.

Don't forget our men and women serving at home and abroad and our past Veterans who have served us so well!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Well, it was time to move on up with some new toys, I remember my first Guitar I had, it was a "F" hole, 6 string, I paid $5.00 for it and pounded on that thing for a few years back in the early 60's, I played with a few guys in high school and even did several shows on stage.

My second Guitar I ordered from a Sears and Roebuck catalog, it was black and white with double pick-ups, an amplifier and I was sent to the cellar to play it, I had this guitar until my senior year in high school when I sold it to a young man who went on and became a very good guitar player.

I always thought I would go to Nashville and become a "Star", but this was not to be!

This picture above is my 3rd guitar, I got it by trading a set of Gold Clubs and a Pistol for it, it sure was pretty and very easy to play and had a huge amplifier with it, I only played it a little as at this time work came first.

I purchased a fourth Guitar, I bought it off a "Cowboy" passing thru town who was down on his luck and needed some cash to get out of town, I kept this guitar for years and ended up passing it on to my son.

This picture above is of my 5th guitar, it was a Gibson 12 string, It was a present from my honey a long time ago, I played it a lot. BUT as age crept in on this left hand it became to hard to play with 12 strings so I went to six major strings for a while.

The picture above is me and my son Jonathan, I am holding the 2nd Banjo I ever owned, It was an Old Timer, had a good tune but it was a 5 string, short neck. The First Banjo I had was a long neck, 5 string and I sold it to a fellow in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina and have no idea of what ever happened to it. Jonathan is playing my old Gibson 12 string.

Well I took my old Banjo and 12 string and cleaned them up, went into the "Big City" to the Guitar Shop and talked to young man about a new guitar and he looked over my equipment.

WELL, as things would go, my old aged instruments were interesting to him SO, I browsed the shop, found a nice tone, slick neck 6 string 'Fender" Guitar I liked but needed some customising done on it, AND we reached a deal on the Guitar.

The "Old Banjo" he enjoyed picking and told me to find one I wanted, SO I picked out a nice 5-string " Fender" Banjo, so yours truly made some wheeling and dealing and did some dickering and I ordered me a "New Guitar" that had never been played by ANYONE and also ordered a new 5 string "Banjo" never played.

Pictured above are my new toys, the "Fender" acoustic 6 string which also has the ability to used as an "electric guitar" also, and a brand new, never played 5 string "Fender" banjo, beside them is my Electric Guitar that was a gift from my son Jonathan.

I am truly a lucky man!!!! This Sunday I get to play them for the first time in public in Church and then at 2PM at the Country Manor Nursing Home.

Let us not forget our service men and women and our Veterans.