Saturday, December 13, 2008

DANGER: Don't go to Bed!!

Went to bed early wedmesday nite, *(10th) Thursday Woke up and couldnt move my head, neck ache, the pain felt like a Red Hot Ice Pick stqbbing me in the back of the neck, couldn't lift my head, barely able to swollow, *(Hell- I thought, another stroke),,My honey helped me up, everything worked, smile, talk, grin, arms , legs moved, honey had to put my slippers on and help me out of bed, all day was terrible, sharp pains in the back and left side of my neck. Stayed in bed all day, took pain killers, heating pad and tried to sleep, another painful, restless night.

Thursday it was either the ER or Doctor, got lucky as Doctor said get right in, checked me over and found I had what are called *(Trigger Locks) where small knots form on the tendons and muscles of the neck,, Heavy pain killers and Icy/Hot cream rub and heating pad, home and back to bed, Honey litterly had to hold my head to make it possible to lay down.

Friday morning quick call to friend and it was off to chiropractor, honey had all she could do to put on my socks, pants, shoes, shirt and coat and get this 6 foot 1 inch, 250 pounder into car yelling and hollering at her!!! finally onto the table, snap, crackle, pop, squiching, squeezing muscles, screaming in pain, big alligator tears, then back home, more heavy duty drugs and felt better BUT was told it would hurt where he moved the musclels and HE WAS RIGHT, I was finally able to swollow some soup and broth and open my mouth some. Back to bed, unable to take off shoes and socks, glad my feet were clean, poor honey!!!!

Up this saturday to less pain, able to eat solid food and chew, cutting back on pain killers, doing exercises to loosen neck muscles and drinking gallons of water.

Really disappointed as friday night was the Police Departments Christmas Party I had to miss.

The pain is still almost unbearable at times, no position is comfortable, I have a micro-wavable bean-bag heat wrap around my neck, popcicle stick to bite down on to help with when swollowing. Back to chriopractor Tuesday, Then tuesday in the afternoon an hour trip to take my honey down to syracuse to meet with her neuro surgeon to see what we can do for her spine condition. WE SURE ARE A GOOD PAIR!!!!!!

In trying to figure out what happened, (1) I'm sure my Honey didn't hit me with a base-ball bat, (2) I'm also pretty sure an elephant didn't fall from the sky and land on my neck, (3)God is not mad at me ! (4) the night gremlin that lives under the bed is too small to do it, *(5) the cause is I have been told is I got into some type on position while sleeping and pinched off some nerves, tendons & muscles on the left side of my neck, the reason it didn't bother the right side of my neck is I had Carotoid Artery Bypass and most of the nerves on the right side are dead.

I know I whined and groaned and moaned a lot in this post but I am really thankful I had my Honey here to take care of me and I love her for it and some great Doctors. I also realize that there are lots of men and women right now in some far off land suffering a far lot more problems than I am.


Paula said...

So sorry you and honey are not feeling well. John's brother-in-law went to sleep in a strange position on the couch one time and had what they called a beauty salon stroke or something like that. His neck was in the position like getting the hair washed in one of those beauty shop bowls. He did get okay. Hope you both feel better soon.

garnett109 said...

Love your cajun music!

jack69 said...

Man, here is hoping you well up soon! I am sure it was scary at first, not just the pain. Hang in there. Sorry you missed the party, I know you really wanted to go!
Thinking of you and your Honey.

Bill said...

Woody, I've never heard of anything like that. I hope you get better real quick and don't get it again. By the way, I don't want it either.
Regards, Bill.

shirl72 said...

Woody if you continue not being able to swallow, please tell the
Drs. to check it out real good.
I am so sorry that you are not
feeling well, you and Honey both work to hard. The swallowing
is what concerns me. That could be


betty said...

poor you!!! sounds dreadful! I agree with what you said; so glad Honey was there to assist you as she could


Lisa said...

Oh my goodness that sounds just terrible! I cannot imagine the pain you must have been (and sounds like still are) in. I really hope the pain gets better for you soon and for Honey too.
Do take care.

Jen said...

So sorry for your pain. Are you feeling any better yet?

Bill said...

Checking in and hope you are feeling better.
Regards, Bill