Monday, December 8, 2008


12 BELOW ZERO this morning!!!! Boy was that cold, It finally warmed up to about 10 above zero, some sunshine all day BUT cold!!!! We had our Chili and Soup lunch and decorated today, was a good day to stay inside!!!! The Foyer and Christmas Tree look good, all decorated and lit up!

Right now, 8PM it has dropped to 8 above zero and, clear skys but hopefully the clouds will roll in and it will start to warm up.

Not much going on so will hop around and visit some Jlander's.

Hope everyone is doing OK!


betty said...


stay warm!


garnett109 said...

Go South young Man!

Rose said...

Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! I feel bad telling you that it is 81 degrees here in Florida right now.

Stay warm.

Hugs, Rose

Bill said...

Just a note to say Hello and let you know that I am catching up on my Journal reading. I've been a little preoccupied with some family stuff. I shivered when I read the temp at your place. Thankfully I don't have to deal with that stuff any more. Regards, Bill.

jack69 said...

Great entries, but they make me feel cold. We even feel the chill way down here, probably won't get to 70 today! Coldest I ever was: 13 below in N. Missouri. Aion't really crazy about it. However I may put up with it to eat weith you and your Honey. hahahaah! I am convinced I tune to the food channel when I come here! (re: last entry) My hat's off to you guys up there!
Jack (better leave yours on)