Monday, October 6, 2008


Well I am still plugging along with this new Journal System, I Liked AOL better, I was going to try to upload all my old posts but since they have been already read, I figured WHY BOTHER!!

It was nice until 3PM and then the temps dropped, it's now 42 and supposed to get a FROST tonight. The leaves are really coming down and the Adironcack mountains have reached their peak colors already in some places.....!

If anyone knows how to increae the size of your pictures you post let me know, meanwhile I'll keep searching.

I am trying to put in a slide show but unsucessfully !!!! Says I need PICASA what ever that is.

Oh how I long for the old days when my son lived near-by instead of all the way across the country where he could just sit down and show me all those tricks and tips!!!

The flowers, the cake are ordered for Navy Day the 11th, all I have left to do is print the Bullitins and Deceased Roster and get out the old ships bell for the "2-Bell Ceremony", we have 126 Navy Veterans todate we honor on saturday and will have a few more names submitted at the last minute as usual---



Tammy said...

Picasa is a program where you can keep all your photos. It is free and very easy to use. I love it! It will search your computer for all your photos. Even some you may have forgotten and you can edit them, email, and all kinds of things! Google it. Tammy

Lisa said...

I agree with Tammy, the Picasa program is easy to use and I found I liked it better than Flickr. I added the slideshow to mine using Picasa. You can increase the size of your pictures in the area where you upload them (I am pretty sure that is where I saw it) it says picture size, small, medium or large - you can click on the size you would like. You are doing a good job - your journal looks nice!

Jimmy's Journal said...

Hi Woody - Tammy and Lisa are correct. It's the old trial and error game until, like most of us blind squirrels, you find an acorn.

Your new layout looks awesome!


jack69 said...

I will give this one last try Woody. I can't even figure how to sign in. You seem to have got the bells and whistles down pat. Liked the entry also.