Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rants and Raves

As you can tell from my Photo collection I am sick of this hype and blabbering and will be glad for election day to be over,

We been pretty busy, we spent a day up at our Ministers House, nice place about 1/2 mile back in the woods on a nice Pond, we had a work day, building roofs, insulating walls, skirting the bottom of the house, painting, stacking wood for winter, I built a nice large fire in the firepit and the best part was eating!!! I have to admit I went off the diet just a little bit, but I am now down to a proud 237 Pounds from a whopping 255 pounds.

We did our "Praise and Prayer" nite at church and I sang my little heart out and came home with sore fingers from playing the guitar so long!!!!

My singing has improved from the sound a FROG makes when your stepping on it to that of what a chicken sounds like while wringing it's neck!!!

Took a nice drive after church this afternoon and went down some "Seasonal Use Roads" which are mostly back roads of dirt, gravel, mud holes, small ponds, large rocks and ruts ---but saw some nice places.



a corgi said...

great job on the weight loss! that's awesome; knew you could do it!

sounds like you have been busy and doing good fun things too!

yep, I'm with you; I'll be happy come election day to have this done with

hope you and Honey have a good week ahead


jack69 said...

good entry. I love the work days for a good cause. Especially good to see the weight loss. Hang in there! Yeah we will all be glad when this one is over. Amazing what Advertisements and the Press can do. I hope we get this one right, but there is always another election. Famous human words "Wait until next time", that will fit for some of us Americans no matter who wins.
I see you all are getting ready for winter. Take care.

Lisa said...

It won't be long until this part of the blabbering is over...soon we won't have to hear about the campaigns anyway. Then it will probably turn into a big deal about who won and how fair was it!

Jimmy's Journal said...

I'm sick and tired of this election and the two candidates as well. I'll just vote for you, Woody!