Thursday, October 30, 2008


Well, we still have LOTS of snow BUT they are telling us its all gonna melt and go away, Tonight was our Monthly "STONE SOUP SUPPER", I went in to church early and made Chili and decorated cookies, set up tables and My Honey joined me later and then the donations of Chili, chili con carne, Cookies, Johnny-Cake *(corn bread) cakes, cup cakes, cookies, we had plenty of food, our people came in and we set up the tables of deserts, got ready and our Minister said grace about 5PM and we started feeding people as they came in.
Total we fed over 100 people a nice meal and gave them some good fellowship, and the work crew had some laughs and giggles, we got home about 8PM after the clean up, BOTH DOG TIRED!!!!!

So glad this election is winding down, sick of listening to all the claims of Honesty, hardwork, and the faults of the other candidate!!!! Just a few more days, DON"T FORGET TO V O T E !!!!

Tomorrow we go down and join the other tennants and re-arrange the community room, fill bags with candy and then wait for the little ghosts, goblins and witches and trolls to show up for trick or treat, last year we had about 100 little ones come here to the senior citizen housing for goodies and they got lots and lots of SUGAR so they could go home on get on a sugar high!!!


jack69 said...

Hard working man Woody. Sounds like a lot of fun and fellowship along with a LOT of work. I know the minister is proud of you and your Honey.
Too much snow for me, but it was beautiful.

a corgi said...

that sounds like a nice thing to do for the little ones to come to your place to trick or treat; always so cute to see them in their costumes and the younger the sweeter they seem to be

your menu for your stone soup dinner sounded like a good one