Friday, December 5, 2008

Did I tell you its Snowing

Well, 9 more inchs of SNOW, it is falling anout 2 inches an hour right now....nothing new for here, we have been busy running to the Doctors, getting tests and an MRI for My Honey, Church, and getting our ducks in a row for Christmas.

My Honey is in rough shape, she has a Degenerative Spine Condition and has had a bad set back, SO, we are now off ASAP to to a Neuro-Surgeon for his opinion. That means an hour ride down an back on snowy roads a few times to see whats next.

Wednesday I put Beef in the crock pot at 8AM, cut up carrots, newly dug potatoes, cut and peeled a couple dozen small summer onions, and let it simmer for 8 hours, went to our Alpha Group at church, everyone loved the Beef Stew and I enjoyed my plate of cottage cheeze, sliced apples, and cup of chicken Broth!!(UGGH). BUT I am progressing very well and losing weight as per the doctors orders. I still hurt but am healing and waiting for Christmas so I can eat MEAT!!!! I was able to pound out 3 songs on the Guitar for our group but quit while I was ahead.

Last night I was dreaming about a Smithfield Spiral Cut Ham, covered in Pinapple and clove with bacon strips and Amaretto Glaze with Sweet Potatoe Pie, black beans and rice and sharp cheddar cheeze on a piece of warm Carmel Pecan Pie BUT my Honey woke me up as I was chewing on her arm!!!!!

The 21st I am cooking 6-- 20+ pound turkeys, 40 pounds of potatoes and dressing and the ladies of the church will make their fabulous pies and cakes for desert and we will have our Community Stone Soup Supper for the Public's Christmas Dinner, We have noticed a large increase in our Dinners and some new faces which we are glad to see.

I am pleased to say we have 3,500 troops home back at Fort Drum from 15 months in Iraq who will be able to spend the Holidays with friends and family. Unfortunately there were some who did not return home who "Gave their All" !!! Hopefully those who came home will get their year off before being deployed again. Some units from Fort Drum have been deployed 3 to 4 times since this thing started over there. We probably will never be able to stop deployments but we can all pray for it to stop.

Hope everyone has a great wekend!!!!!!


jack69 said...

This is a great entry Woody. Glad the troops are in at Drum, but we know during a war some willnot return. Thanks for your continued support for the troops and VETS!

Now, The snow tales are great, I love to hear 'em. Sorry to hear about your HONEY, hope things start looking UP!
BUT... Knock it off about the food. It all sounds so delicious. I must be hard to eat cottage cheese and soup! But I got to hand it to you, YOu are doing good.
Hang in ther and keep the reports coming.

Shirl 72 said...

Woody I am so sorry about Honey.
I will be praying for her. I love
to see snow falling but it is a pain to drive in. There you go again making me hungry talking about food.

Your support of the troops is
wonderful love your entrys. You take care of yourself so you can help Honey. God Bless You.


Paula said...

Hope they find something to help your Honey's back. I know that pain is no fun. Must be hard to cook that good food and not be able to eat it.

a corgi said...

your poor Honey! hope she gets relief soon; I'm sure it is very uncomfortable for her

wow, so much snow again!!!

always love to read what you're going and where you are serving it; great ministries :)


garnett109 said...

Woody I spent a many of times at Ft.Drum,half my unit came back from afghanistan and the other have is going to Iraq!
God bless our soldiers everyone!

It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I am so sorry to hear of your Honey having to go through so much at at time like this. Take good care of her as we know you have been. Your stew sounds delicious, I'll bring the dessert. Take care and stay warm.

Jim White said...

Hey Woody, Thanks for dropping by my blog. I checked your blog out. It is really good! My daughter lives in Rochester, NY.

In the South we enjoy a good snow every once and a while. I guess it gets old when you have too much.

Tennessee Granddaddy

Lisa said...

We are getting some snow right now but nothing like you have, thankfully.

I hope the neurologist appointment goes well for your Honey and she can get some relief.

MMMMMMM....your meals sound yummy and have made me hungry.

Heli gunner Tom said...

Hi Woody,
Sorry about your wife's hurtful back. Caution: if the 'doctors' ever suggest a procedure that involved squirting some cement in between the vertebrae, PLEASE get another evaluation! My wife got really messed up by a few quacks in OH that did that to her and now she is paying the painful price.
You sound like one hell of a cook and we were both cut from the same fabric!
God Bless you and your wife, brother!

Your friend from WI,
Tom Schuckman
Disabled Vietnam Vet: 68-70

Adirondackcountrygal said...

How far up north are you exactly? You guys are socked in with snow!