Sunday, December 28, 2008


Day started our great,, 45, sunny and nice southern breeze, snow is disappearing fast, off to church and 8;30AM, made Horses De Overies, *(little TURKEY, celery, onion, samiches), sliced some fantastic crumbly Old Sharp New York State Cheeze, dill Pickels, Chips, coffee and made punch, put out fresh Carrot Cake and Cookies and had a nice luncheon after church at noon. *(I AM SO SICK OF TURKEY)

At 11:00AM the winds started up, a severe wind storm hit us hard, wind gusts up to 75 MPH, we lost some shingles off the church roof, and the Old church shook under the winds.

This is whats left of the camper that the wind hit at 75 MPH on the canadian bridge about noon!!!

The bridge to Canada is closed, wind tipped over a camper and pick-up and also in the picture below it tipped a tractor trailer over, Interstate 81 near watertown is closed due to cars blown off the road, thousands out of power just north of us, and we have some power outages here in Jefferson County. we been lucky, the wind sounds like a small jet engine, gusts from 50 to 75 miles an hour, our lights flickered but we have a huge generator ready if the lights go off here.

We took a drive around the area, trees down, big branches broke off, tops of trees snapped off like toothpicks, wires down, roofs blowing off. One thing about New York in the winter, if you don't like the weather, just wait a day and it will change!!!!


On a sad note, one of my best friends in Allen, Texas is having a hard time, We were permanant Partners for years, each riding shotgun for the other in cruisers, walking those dark cold dreary nights on a Beat , watching each others back, Once he stopped a teen-age girl from shooting me, I once stopped a man from clubbing him with a metal pipe and many other stories to numerous to begin, we worked the same shift togeather for years, had the same days off, did our share of laughing, crying, teasing and also friends off the job. He's been fighting Cancer for a long time now and on his last treatment everything went down hill, He was put in Baylor University Hospital in the ICU! Could ya do me a favor and maybe say a Big Ole Prayer for Mark!!!!

We also cannot forget those Military serving to protect our freedoms and handling the job of being in Harms Way, we must keep them in our prayers and from the way things look in the Middle East it doesn't look good.


garnett109 said...

Good ole Water Town N.Y , 36 degrees in June.
Our thoughts and prayers are with your friend Mark.

Adirondackcountrygal said...

That weather sounds wild. We are getting a bit of wind down here now. My prayers are with Mark. He sounds like quite a man.

Lisa said...

I will surely keep Mark in my Prayers, Bless his heart.

The wind sounds horrendous and from the looks of that camper, dangerous too!!

I was in Watertown - it's beautiful country around there.

Shirl 72 said...

The Wind Storms sounds awful, that
is one thing I am afraid of.
More food it make me hungry when
I read what you are preparing.
The Tribute to your partner was
Great and a handsome man. A good entry as usually.


jack69 said...

Don't scare us RV'ers by talking and showing the scary stuff! What a wind. BUT the food sounded good as always. Great entry except for the partner. That is always sad news. Cancer is such a mean disease. Will definitely say a prayer for Mark.

Randy said...

Hello Mr. Woody,

I will most definetly add Mark to my prayers and I can't beleive the weather there. It almost sounds like gust from a hurricane. Take it easy and God Bless


Remo said...

I'm sorry to hear about your friend. Let's all send prayers for him and hope for the best.

Jen said...

Will say a prayer for your friend!

Jimmy's Journal said...

My prayers are with Mark. Respect the Badge!


It's Just Me ~ Katie! said...

I think wind scares me more than anything. My prayers and thoughts shall go up for your friend Mark. Take care of you my friend and Happy New Year to you and yours,