Thursday, January 8, 2009


Well, Its still cold, going down to 10 below tomorrow night. We are heading our tomorrow afternoon for an overnight reteat, I have the guitar all tuned with new strings, we are all packed, we are going to our Ministers place called the "Promised Land", it is about a half a mile back in the woods, it is a big place in a beautiful setting and we're having an overnight Praise and Prayer retreat and lots singing, prayer and plenty of food!!!! Should be fun!!!! Sunday after church I will be going to the Nursing Home with the Minister to Play and on January 22 I will be playing in the Village Ecumenicial Ministries program with a group from the local area churches in a praise and prayer service for Christian Unity.

My friend Mark in Dallas is progressing fairly well, He's not up chasing rabbits yet, going slowly but coming along as good as can be expected!!!! Thank you for the prayers and continued support.

A year ago January 9th, I lost one of my best friends (Ziggy), what a loss and an empty place in my life he left, but life goes on so we hang even closer to those we care about and love. Right after that on January 19 I lost another friend, (Clarence). Also lost old "Vet", (Sylvester") and a friend an class mate and Navy Vet *(Mike), *(all Veteran's).....It's funny how one day everythings going great and lifes wonderful and then it suddenly changes, the Lord works in mysterious ways in our lives. We can only sit back now and think of those "Precious Memories"!!!!!

I know I have been busy at the Legion keeping the records up to date on all the Veterans we lost this year.

My Honey is fairing pretty good but her back is not getting better, the cold does not help it either. My brother is in a Syracuse Hospital now following 9 hours of Back Surgery, this is his second surgery on it, he has a good out look as he said what happens is in the Lords Hands and not his, he just wants less pain.

I'm having my tests, labs, ekg's, blood work and procedures done and am going in February for a "Tune Up"!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend coming up, we are gonna.!!!


Paula said...

You sure keep busy and have a good attitude. I pray your brother's surgery will help him. Prayers for Honey also.

Shirl 72 said...

I'm glad for the up date on your
friends. I pray for your brother's surgery, Honey's back and your schedule tune up. It keeps me busy following your activities. Do you
ever slow down? You will be blessed for all your good works.
Try to Slow down and take care.


garnett109 said...

Enjoy your Prayer meeting

a corgi said...

I hope you have a good retreat! sounds like it should be a nice one!


Saltydawg said...

By the time you read this you'll be home and its still bloody cold here too!