Friday, February 27, 2009


Well, it warmed up to 50 today and rained and got rid of a few inches of snow, there are bare spots in the farmers meadows where you can see plowed ground and some grass and corn stubble and huge little ponds of water but theres still lots of snow left and we will surely get more.

We went to the eye doctor for me today and monday its that long trip to the Central New York Spine Center for Anna's back and a talk with the surgeon to see what can be done.

Thursday morning we went to church and I cut and sliced and shaved 2 nice large Smithfield Hams, and we have 2 nice huge "Ham-Bones" for Pea Soup & Corn Bread later, Smithfield is a great ham!!!.

I soaked the potatoes in milk for a couple of hours, made the sause and onions put it all togeather and we cooked "Scalloped Potatoes and Ham" for 5 hours "slowly" at 250 degrees to serve with Beans or Corn and fresh Bread and desert. I made enough to serve over 100+ people, we had a line of church ladies show up with home-made cakes, cookies, pies, cup-cakes, etc. I put the coffee on and at 4:30PM they started to flock ito the church session room for the 5 o'clock start of dinner. I planned on serving 125 people because we told people there was special music after the dinner.

We started feeding the masses about quarter to 5 and they just "KEPT COMING", we went thru the first large broiler and served over 50 people, brought out the second batch and then served another 55 people and "WE RAN OUT" of scalloped potatoes, corn and beans---"ALL-GONE!!, sadly we turned away about 24 people, they said "Next time- we're coming earlier"!!! During dinner I made the announcement that after dinner in the church we were having a group getting togeather and they were invited to come in and enjoy some Country Gospel, Gospel and hymns and great music for those interested.
There was not even anything left to feed all the "HELP" who showed up to work so my honey made some Peanut Butter and Jam Sandwiches for us which was OK but I sure wished I had sneaked a plate of scalloped potaters & Ham before it was all gone because all we heard from people was how delicious it was!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I went in starving and set up and started playing and sure enuff, in the came.

We figured over 60 people stayed to listen to me, Karl and Roger play for a couple hours. I know I was beat, and so were Roger and Karl cuz we ended up sitting down during the performance but nobody minded!!
The picture came out a little blurry cuz honey was dancing in the back of the church.

The guys got me this time -------- because they brought in an extra "MICROPHONE" and set it up in front of me, I usually try to stay soft and low in the background but it didn't work tonight, So I did a couple of bluegrass songs that they had not played before as sort of a pay-back !!! LoL ! Then as payback they did a couple of gospels that I had not played before then we were all singing and all in all it was what I call a great "Hoe-down"!!!!!!!!!!!! We sang our little hearts out to the Lord!!!!!!!

There was lots of hand clapping, foor tapping and singing along while we played. It was a good evening had by all!!!
As we start our week-end lets not forget those serving and those who have served us!!!


Jimmy's Journal said...

Wow, Woody you've come a long way with this journal and it looks great. I especially enjoyed "I saw the light" on your playlist.


garnett109 said...

it's 6:30 am and now i'm hungry for ham.

jack69 said...

I find it so hard to believe you can volunteer so much, tha tis great. The hame & scalloped potatoes sounded great. But of course when you describe food I get hungry. You should have skipped the police work and went right to a cooking show, restaurant etc. LOL.
I know everyone enjoyed the music after the great meal. I sure sounded like fun. That always tops things some good picking.
Hang in there,
Jack (couldn't find this yesterday, glad it got on, I wouldn't have wanted to this one.)

Lisa said...

What a shame you didn't have the chance to eat any of your wonderful food, and after you labored so much!!! I guess you are going to have to double your recipe for the next one. The playing and singing sounds like a great time. Happy to see you are doing so well.

Shirl 72 said...

Woody there you go again with the
food. Now I have got to go and
get me something to eat.

You are doing a good service. I know you are appreciated.