Friday, March 6, 2009


We had our monthly meeting here at the "Old Folk's Home last night and it was busy, interesting and got a lot done!!!

Well, we went to Stone Soup Supper thursday night and had a nice evening, there was a good turn out of about 60 people for Meat Loaf and Scalloped Potatoes and deserts. It was OK, BUT I'm used to feeding people huge portions and plenty of them!!!

I am getting a big ole Bottom Round Steak, taters, carrots, onions, and going to make about 150 big, tall, flaky bakin-powder bisquits and making some Beef Stew for our next dinner, I know we ran out after 100 servings at our last one so am cooking for 150 this time!!!

Well, we are in the Lenten part of our yearly journey. During the 40 days of Lent all of our local churches put on a short 20 to 25 minute service every wednesday at noon, then we serve a luncheon, we try to keep it to just an hour so the people that come from work can get back to work on time!!

We hold the services at the Chruch of the Nazarene, they have the most parking and nicest kitchen to work in. Each Church takes a turn at doing the service and also putting on the luncheon!!

Next week our church will be doing the service and we will be making the lunch, there will be MEAT in our sandwiches!!!!!. The luncheon is kept to sandwiches, chips, pickles and beverage.

The weather has warmed up all the way up into the high 40's!! We have had a little rain with it but theres still lots of snow!!! Redfield still has about 20 FEET OF SNOW even after the warmer weather and rain! What is going to be interesting is what type of warming we get for spring, hopefully it will be slow then the flooding will not be so bad. Flood statge here is 10.5 feet but we have had it go to 16 and 18 feet above flood stage which was a mess and costly both to home owners and farmers.

The good news is my son has moved back to New York from Oregon, HOORAY!!!, today Honey and I had lunch with my son and daughter, Jonathan and Sabrina. Nice Lunch!!!
Went to the eye doctors and after sitting for about 45 minutes they called my name, I stood up and bang, down I went like a "Drunken Sailor"

"DOWN I WENT FLAT ON THE FLOOR", my legs would not work as they were asleep, not too embarrassed as they were only about 45 people, nurses and Doctors who watched the whole event!!!!! They were nice as 2 nurses came out and helped me up and got me moving, THAT MUST HAVE BEEN A NICE SHOW!!!!

well, we finished there and I got an appointment with my friend the Doctor who got me right in!
I had a doctors appointment yesterday, my legs are losing their circulation and I fall down, you would think an "Ole Sailer" could handle "wobbly legs" but theres some other issues so I had to sleep with a wire in my arm connected to a mini-computer to monitor my oxygen levels and heart rate and rythm and then first thing this morning I was at the hospital so they could read the computer results and then I had to go int in for a contrast dye test of the Brain and neck with a MRI. "YUP, they found my Brain!!!

Being on Blood thinners and aspirin, I'm a bleeder so when she went to put in the IV for the contrast material I bled like a stuck hog!!!! Now we wait for results.
We got Anna Mae back down to the Spine center after some more tests, then we met the Neuro-surgeon and it looks like Anna Mae is going to finally have serious back surgery in April to hopefully ease some of her pain and agony.

One GOOD sign is the other night we were lucky to have that sweet scent of a "swamp kitty" drift thru the air, Spring is not far away when you smell the first SKUNK as this means they are out of hibernation, the meadows are now getting deer out in them, The robins are late, they were home by this time last year according to my journal and so are the Canadian Geese late in making their way North back to canada!!!

Hope everyone has a Great Weekend and dances to the music!!!!!!!

Lets not forget our Military still serving and those who have served us!!!


garnett109 said...

Hey woody enjoy your weekend also

Shirl 72 said...

Woody you are a busy person. It
looks like you may have had a heat
wave 40's. I am so sorry about your fall in the waiting room but you did get a lot of attention. I think you need to slow down and put your health up front.


Paula said...

Sorry you fell. Please be careful. I think the skunks around here must not hibernate as I smell the odor of one seeping in around my window unit in my bedroom every once in a while. Of course we don't get much cold weather here.

jack69 said...

You are fullof it! I can't believe you busy life to be retired. I would go bug-*&^%! that is buggy. So glad you are okay. I bet that was a sight gettin you up! But backing up that is nice for the lenten services. And I Knoe the planned meal will be good, you are a louse for describing the food to someone hundreds of miles away! LOL
But I sure do hope the surgery helps you Honey. BAck pain is terrible.
Great entry as usual mate. Probably been too long since you used the sea legs. huh?

jack69 said...

sorry about the spelling my typing has gone to *&^%$>

jack69 said...

sorry about the spelling my typing has gone to *&^%$>