Tuesday, April 14, 2009


The song playing is for my Annie!!!

We were up early and off to the Spine Center for Anna's 1 week check up following surgery, It was a rough ride down for her with frequent stops for her to strech her legs and ease the back pain from sitting in the car, the Doctor said the incision in the Back was healing good, still has back pain and leg pain an uses her 4 wheeled buggy to walk with but can move short distances without it using a cane. We are thankful for her healing.

The week following surgery was a short walk, every hour, pain pills, naps and longer walks and she made enuogh progress to go to the Breakfast at the Nazarene Church and we did make it to church at 11, I was the Liturigist and read scripture. Then we came home and honey rested.

We were not going to do much for easter BUTabout 2PM there was a knock on the door and we were invited to have lunch with a couple whose mother lives here, we feasted on Ham, Turkey Ham, Turkey, Lamb, taters, squash, stuffing, cranberrries, home made pies, cakes, what a fitting feast for such a glorious day!!

The week was filled with many cards in the mail for Anna Mae, phone calls from Texas, Florida, Oregon, and also emails and well wishes and lots of Prayers from everyone, THANK YOU!!!!!!

I am off to the American Legion for election of Officers tonight and going to drop my Honey off at Church with some of her friends so she will be in good hands.

I was on the USS Boxer, CVA-21 many many years ago!!!!!!

Proud to be a Navy Veteran,
Navy 3, Pirates 0, Good Job!!!!

Lets not forget our Veterans!!!!!!!!


jack69 said...

The recovery sounds great. Glad you were able to make the breakfast. Sounds like a good EAster for the two of you. Sorry she is in so much pain, we pray the results will cut way back on that.
Good picture from the Boxer!

But most of all thanks for the graphic on the rescue. I was a fantastic job! Go Navy!!!!
Take care and wish the wife a speedy recovery.
Jack & Sherry

garnett109 said...

Glad to her your wife is doing better.
Let's get those pirates!

Shirl 72 said...

Glad Honey is doing well and headed
for a follow-up-visit. Glad you had
a good EASTER. Lets hope the pain