Saturday, April 25, 2009

Fishing TRIP!!

Well we woke to a beautiful God given day friday and packed a lunch, packed the car and headed out on a "Fishing Trip", We drove down to Dexter and tried 2 places where it was easy access for Anna Mae, We fished and planned on having fish for dinner saturday, we ended up eating chicken!!!!

We saw an Osprey over head circle and circle overhead and float and then down he came like a bullet, what a sight as he hit the water and bang, he got a nice fish, he had better luck than we did!!!!! we saw lots of birds and watched Merganzer Ducks and also saw a Woodduck come out of the woods and land in front of us. What a great time we had!!!!

We both enjoyed the sunshine and beauty of Dexter. We took a break and had a River front "Picnic", Anna is doing good as long as she stays on level ground but is having some problems adjusting to the pain medications and trying not to overdo it.

We didn't get any fish friday so Anna and I met My Son, Daughter, and Granddaughter and we all went to the Elks Club for the first "Bullhead" feast for the season I was good and only had 6 nice tasty ones!!! Next Saturday is the "Bullhead Feed" in Brownville, its all you can eat and is one of the best feeds around!!!!

Tonight I cooked "Chicken", NOT FISH as I had hoped for, I made up a BBQ sause of Ketchup, mustard, onion and garlic powder and brown sugar, anna made steamed cauliflower and Brocolli and cheeze, and Mac and Cheese, it wasn't the trout we had hoped to catch and fry up but it was very, very tasty.

In the back ground of this picture below is this years garden spot, We didn't have this one last year, not much in it yet but we have bought Onion Sets and our seeds and have to waittill the end of May to plant, BUT will wait till we see what the forecast is, last year we had a late frost the end of May.

Right now it is clouding up, temp is fantastic 70 degrees, (YAHOO) and we are supposed to get some strong Thunder and Lightning and rain tonight! Hopefully it will stay warm!!!

We need to remember our "Veterans" everyday!!!



garnett109 said...

Woody alot of my best days fishing were days with no bites alot of good memories of my pop.we use to fish lake carrie.

jack69 said...
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jack69 said...

Great entry, you shoulda been a chef! You and Anne must dish up the best food. Sorry about the fish, but some days you don't get any then there are other days you don't get any. LOL. I know the picnic was good. Anne looks good in that seat. Praying that the pain is less and the healing/rehab process is rapid.
Take care and enjoy,
Jack & Sherry
PS I deleted the comment because my typing was worse than usual, and tried again.LOL

Adirondackcountrygal said...

Hey Woody, might be too early for anything right now. Trout are finicky arent they? Chicken is good too! The garden spot looks good, I could use something like that. Linda

madcobug said...

Glad that you two got out and had an enjoyable day. Your meal sounded delicious even without the fish. Helen

Remo said...

Dang. I've been gone so long all the snow melted. I bet you're r-e-a-l sad about that, eh? LOL

Looks like a grand time!

Arthur Chick said...

Hey Woody, often wondered who you were. I worked at the mill with C.T. and lots of Woody's. We share the same fwd, fwd with C.T. Will be in NY in July for a month. Maybe we can all get together for a brew.

Shirl 72 said...

Sorry you didn't catch any fish,
but I know you had a good time.
Oh I will be right up for my next
meal, everything you prepare sounds
good. Woody I am just trying to
keep up with you in the volunteer