Friday, April 10, 2009


It almost time!!!


WELL, Anna Mae had her back surgery, Tuesday morning we left at 4 am, got to syracuse, met the staff and into surgery she went, ME- I paced, read, paced somemore, fret and stewed and then the phone in her room rang, it was the Doctor who ststed everything was OK, it took longer than planned but she was well and in recovery, SO, I paced, read some more and finally they brought her back, thankfully it was a private room, she slept, and finally woke up and took a few sips of water.

Mostly she stayed in bed for the day and at evening time they came in and got her up to WALK!!! They had her pumped full of pain killers to stop any pain so she could walk, it was important that she feel no pain in the area they operated on so the muscles would be relaxed and they sure were!! They operated on 2 places on her lower spine, the words were to big and complicted for me, she had a pain pump installed in her spine that gave her meds, after a few bites of supper she was gotten up and walked again and once more she walked in between naps until they had me leave at 8PM.

The Doctor was great, nurses were fantastic, the gas passer who put her under was very nice, everyone one on all 3 shifts were fantastic to my honey and also to me.

Wednesday morning at 6am I got to the spine center, got to her room and they were discharging her to go home!!! The weather was cold, about 32 degrees and windy, we got about half way home and ran into a blizzard, white outs, unplowed roads, slush and every POTHOLE I managed to hit made my honey jump in pain!!

Wednesday was bed rest, pain killers and up every 10 minutes every hour to walk a little, all day thursday it was a walk for 10 minutes every hour and each walk she went a little farther.

Thursday morning I had to remove the dressing and remove the wire that was inserted in her back to give her the pain meds, I pulled gently and kept pulling and finally removed about a FOOT of hollow thin plastic that gave her meds, then the bleeding started, all kinds of liquids seeped out, scared the H3ll out of me but this was normal the doctor had said, Thursday was walks every hour on the hour and rest, today, friday she is walking with her 4 wheeled walker, doing fairly well and we go back tuesday for a recheck and get the stitches out.

The spine center has called, her doctor has called, and some of the neighbors have offered to babysit, cook, clean, do dishes, laundry but we are doing pretty good!!!!!

My Honey wants to go to the Easter Breakfast on sunday at the Nazarene church at 8am and then go to church at 11am, hopefully this will happen.

Thanks for all the prayers, emails and your concern!!!!!!

Also let us not forget our men and women serving their country!!!!!


garnett109 said...

Enjoy Your Easter breakfast with your wife.
Glad she is doing well

jack69 said...

What a great report! Amazing how soon they wanted her to walk.
Super amazed at the wire you removed from her back. I can't imagine them allowing a neophite to do that, but it makes sense.
It all sounds great, I hope, if she is up to it, that you get to the Nazerene's for Breakfast, that would be fantastic.
Hope the recovery is fast and relatively painless. Good to have you back.
Give her our love and our prayers will continue.
Jack and Sherry

Shirl 72 said...

Glad it is over. Sounds like everything went well. Glad Honey
is home and doing good. Now
you take care of yourself. That is of nice people wanted to help. It
is your turn you stay busy helping


Remo said...

God Bless you both and best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Happy Easter!

madcobug said...

I am glad that she made it through surgery fine and is at home. I hope you and she got to go to church today. Praying for her continued recovery. Helen

Shirl 72 said...

Woody I wish I had seen that 115
year old lady. I saw a 102 in
Charlotte at a Pizza Inn celebrating her birthday. It was
on the news. I do hope I make
it a few more years.