Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Well, it looks like after all the tests, studies, poking, prodding, therapy, discussions and hundreds of miles in trips to Syracuse My little Darling wife is going to have surgery, it is scheduled for Tuesday, April 7th, we have to get up and be on the road at 3:30AM to have her there for prep for surgery at 6AM. I will be able to be with her right up till surgery but not afterwards as she will be in a private room, I can visit in the afternoon after recovery and be there with her till 8PM and then I have to leave so she can rest, They gave me the name of a Motel just down the street where I can stay at a reduced Hospital rate, I would hate to pay the full rate$$$$$, but I can be up early and go back in the morning. The reason I can't stay is security is tight and it's not allowed.
The Hospital is more of a specialized spine surgical center than hospital and their rules on visitors, guests is tough and they are very concerned with colds, flus, or any sickness being brought in by family or visitors.

They are going to try to repair one disc and remove part of another one. We talked about NOT having the surgery but there is a 10% chance it will ease some of the pain and discomfort, 10% does not sound like much but with her pain level any relief will be beter than none.

The weather has changed and has gotten colder but tomorrow is going to warm back up, the snow is slowly going, the robins are now here in full force and now we are awaiting the Daffodils to bloom, Bullhead fishing has started but we will not be able to do much fishing.

Recovery time for the surgery is going to be a long slow process and we have faith that it will be a good slow strong healing process. Time will tell!! She is taking "Sticky" and "Rags" with her to read again and I am taking my sneakers with me to help while I pace the floor!!!! We have gotten a walker and bathtub seat for after the surgery.

Hoping everthing is going well with everyone, Hopefully it will start warming up soon!!!!!

Let us not forget our servicemen and women in our prayers!!!!!


jack69 said...

Hey mate, 'tis good to know a decision has been made. But you are right. 10% doesn't sound like much. It is hard to realize how much pain she is in. WOW! Our prayers are with her, well you both since you will be pacing. We do trust all will go well, would be great if a lot more pain relief came with it. Sherry will read this today sometime. This will be the first time I have been able to beat her to it. HA! Just could not sleep.
Colder weather? NOOOOO! We are getting more rain, but the temps are in the 60's.
TAke care up there and God Bless.

garnett109 said...

Keeping your wife in our prayers.

Shirl 72 said...

Woody I'm sorry for anyone who has
to have surgery. I do pray that
everything will go OK. Try to
take care of yourself. We don't
want you to get sick. Hope
everything goes well. Prays will
be going up.