Monday, June 22, 2009


Fathers Day has come and gone, I hope all the Dads had a Great Day, I did, My daughter called me and wished me a Happy Fathers Day and my Son dropped in with a surprize visit and a card, My Honey bought us a couple of Nice HUGE Sirloin Steaks for me to grill out and they were beautiful cuts of meat!!!!

They were thick, brownish red, they were aged a bit and nice and heavy without all the fat trimmed off from them so they would sizzle when cooking!!!

I still miss my DAD!!!!!! BUT, I sure got a lot of good memories of him!!!

I went out and started the grill and got it good and hot to about 400 degrees and then turned it down to low, the steaks were seasoned with rubbed garlic powder, Onion Powder, some salt and pepper, a little bit of Brown Sugar rubbed into the edges of the fat, I then let them slow cook and I went over and weeded our garden.
The garden is coming along, the parsley is coming, onions are up, beans are coming up, Lettuce and Romain Lettuce is coming up and the Tomatoes *(Early Girl) are now almost ready to tie up to stakes, and the cucumbers are almost ready to thin out.... Thankfully it has stayed warm, all the way up in the 70's!!!!!!!!!!

I finished the Garden and came back to those Beauties on the grill and slow cooked them and touched them up with a little more Garlic and Onion Powder and let them s l oooo wwwwly cook!!................

This is our garden and what has come up so far, the hanging basket is the cucumbers I wil let droop and tie to the shepards crook. The black pots have Parsley planted in them.

Almost ready, Just a few more turns over and these beauties will be Medium Rare and ready for the table, My Honey made a tossed salad of Lettuce, Mandarin Oranges, Sharp Cheese, Onions as the Sweet Vadalias are in season now and we had a fresh loaf of home made bread to go with it!!!!

What do they say, a picture is worth a thousand words, These slabs of Beef are now ready to come off the grill and head for the dinner table, they look almost perfect.
Below is a picture worth framing !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The above were fantastic to eat!!!............
Dinner was delicious, and there was left over steak, believe it or not. We only eat Beef on special occasions, we try to stay with Pork and chicken and fish but this my Honeys Fathers Day Present for me and also her!!!!!!! Shes a wonderful little woman, She is still having back problems.
Wednesday we go back to the Spine Center to see whats going on and get an update.
Thursday is our "Stone Soup Dinner" for the public so its going to be a busy week!!!!!!!!! Hope everyones week is starting off great!!!!!!!
Let's not forget our men and women serving over seas, My Great Nephew heads for Iraq in 3 weeks, He is an MP, He will do just fine!!!!


garnett109 said...

Woody now you have done it, i'm hunger for steak now

jack69 said...

You are the world's worst (or best) at making someone hungry!!
Yeah the steaks do look great.
Certainly hope they can do something at the spine center that will relieve some pain. That is terrible to even think about.

Great entry. Yeah the salad sounded great also, the mandarin oranges probably really set it off. We have never used them in a salad, but will think about it now.
Take care, this is coming from my old lap top, and it is SLOOOOOO!
Jack & Sherry

Paula said...

glad your Father's Day was a nice one. Hope Honey gets some relief at the spine center.

madcobug said...

Those steaks sounds delicious. Your garden is looking great. Sounds like you had a good Father's Day. I hope your honey can get some relief at the spine clinic. Helen

Shirl 72 said...

I will be right up save me the
left overs. They look so good.
Do you have to temp all of your
readers with such good looking
food. Headed for the Kitchen to
find me something to eat. It won't
be what was on your grill. "Shucks"