Monday, June 29, 2009

Military Weekend

Well is sure was a busy week,, Wednesday we sat up for the Thursday Night "Stone Soup Supper" We now have replaced all those old heavy metal, cardboard type with brand new heavy duty plastic ones which are nice to handle!!! We came back thursday and we grilled and boiled 150 Hot Dogs, made chili if some one wanted a chili dog and also made some Home Made Baked Beans with Brown Sugar, butter, Maple Syrup and loaded with pieces of bacon, and we served a side of Green Beans and Corn with all kinds of home made cakes, pies, cookies, cup-cakes and brownies, we opened the doors at 4:30 and we served almost 90 people a nice meal.

We didn't get to go fishing this week but theres always next week!!!

This week end was "Mountainfest" and the "Airshow" at Fort Drum which is only 12 minutes from here, Friday we saw plane after plane flying over head over our place as we are on one of the entry ways into Fort Drum Wheeler Sack Air Field, some people don't like it because of the noise and I remind them that there were places not that many years ago where some of our men and women were in places where the planes flying over drop bombs on them!!!!! That usually "SHUTS THEM UP!!!! We drove over to the Army base and spent time watching the many many air planes doing their stunts, precision flying, we wandered around with the other 60,000 thousand people who also went over, saturday was cloudy and it rained a little off and on, Sunday was beautiful, sunny, nice fluffy clouds and warm, almost Hot.

I took a lot of pictures but had to pick just a few for the blog!!!

In the above photo 4 of these Planes were Old Navy Planes and man were they loud and nice to watch!!!!!!! In this next picture is the old red and white water tower at the beginning of the runway!!!! There is an old plane doing some fancy manuvers you can just barely see, BUT they made sure they flew tree top level when they came over the bleechers.

There were many displays all over the huge runway and Hangar area and you could walk thru most of the displays and get the hands on feel except most of the Pilot seats were blocked off but plainly visable. Pictured below is a chopper we just went thru, this helicopter was awesome to see.

This is one of the planes in the next picture that flew over our house to get here, and we went thru it as best we could, what was nice was all the Army and Air Force people offered my honey any help she needed to get around, most of these monsters had their rear ramps open so it was easy access!!!

This picture is one of the old planes doing his thing and it was awsome!!!! to watch!!!

Not only was the Army and Air Force well represented but the Navy was too as you can tell from the next picture!!!

This next picture is a lumbering giant that we went thru!!!

This next picture is the UNITED STATES NAVY doing some mighty fine flying!!!

All the planes on display were flown in from and will fly back to their home base!!!

This is 4 of the yellow Navy fighters that put on some awesome displays!!!!

My Honey looking over a chopper!!!

Security was tight, there were State Police, Sheriff's, Federal Police, Military Police and Homeland Security all over, there were even people ontop of some of the towers. Security was raised to "ALPHA" for the weekend!!!

We had to get up and walk around so Anna Mae's back didn't get to sore or tight which gave me a chance to play with the many TOYS the United States Army had around and I enjoyed myself!!!

My Little Darling said she would not mind one of these to help keep me in line!!! I DO NOT try to out shoot my wife, in High School she was a good Marksman, maybe that should be Markswoman!!! on the school "Rifle Team"!!!

This little baby is one of the weapons you see our men and women on the 6 o'clock news in Iraq are using!!!!!! And yes it is heavy!!!!!!

The NAVY is getting ready to go back up for some more stunts!!

The stunts were awesome to watch and the noise they made was fantastic!! This was a 2 day event, well worth attending, Saturday Night there were "FIREWORKS" that lasted for a half an hour and was impressive.

The Navy was there, the Air Force was there and the Army was there, AND YES JACK, the United States Marine Corps were there also!!!! This was one of the best ones to go thru because you could sit in the Pilots seat as long as you DIDN"T TOUCH ANT THING!!! The crew assigned to this crate were very much gentlemen, they offered to carry my wife up the gang way so she could get inside the plane but instead they dropped the rear door ramp,!!!!! "SEMPER-FI!!

This next photo is one of the old time trainers they used to train pilots during WWII!!!!!

THESE PLANES WERE HUGE!!!! AND interesting to actually see up close!!!

This next picture is an A-10, it is one from from the "Boy's in Syracuse" from the 174th Fighter Wing, it had a steady line all day waiting to get a view of the Cockpit, you were not allowed to TOUCH as there was always a Pilot taking turns to answer questions sitting in the cockpit. I stand outside and can watch these baby's fly over Carthage and the house as there attached to Fort Drum and they like to scream into Fort Drum and the are constantly flying in, out, around, Fort Drum and the area!!!

This is another plane used as a Trainer during WWII and is controlled by a stick and pedals!!! This baby would shatter your ear drums!!!!!!

This is the United States Navy flying over just before the Moment of Silence and just before they played "TAPS"!!!!!!

The crowd was about 60,000 people, there were many, many Veterans there, The United States Army and Commander at Fort Drum need to be applauded for the fantastic week-end event held.

Lets never forget our Veterans!!!!

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