Thursday, June 18, 2009


Well it was nice weather until today, yesterday we went over to the Thousand Islands and drove up to Lisbon, we fished the Brandy Brook Fish Launch, My honey caught the first Bass, but they were biting really soft, I caught a couple small perch, nothing to brag about.

It was sunny, and about 70, it was a beautiful day, Anna Mae said the hot sun felt good on her back, she is stillhaving back problems and a lot of pain, she tries to cut back on the pain medications and has but she is taking them today. This picture is of the days first fish!!

We fished, sat and talked and watched people come and go and we saw a lot of boats being put in as this saturday June 20th Bass season opens up, if you catch any bass you put them back in as there are spawning right now, We saw lots of ducks and also the Big Canadian Geese are nesting now, we fished and enjoyed the morning sun and time togeather, we stopped for lunch and enjoyed our little Picnic Lunch we take with us

We had a nice day fishing and it got even better becasue I hit the jackpot today, In the below photos are some "Smallmouth Bass" that I was lucky enough to latch onto and I didn't have a net to got them in so I got them into shore using the boat launch to bring them into shallow water, then I could bend down and grab them, these are really good scrappers, they like to jump to the surface and walk along on their tail trying to spit the hook so you have to keep a tight line on them to get them in!!!

Right now the Bass are spawning and laying eggs and if you find a spawning area you can catch bass all day but the limit is 5 per person, we put them back after taking their picture.

We enjoyed the day, it was just over a 2 hour drive over but we stop alot so anna mae can strech her legs and ease the back pain.

Next week is a busy week, We have Doctors appointments, a trip to Syracuse to the Spine Center for a review of Anna Maes surgery and Thursday we are cooking our Monthly Stone Soup Dinner at church.

Today was a lazy day, it rained all day, and right now its 58 and cool out so you have to wear a jacket.

Hope everyones week is going great!!!!

Don't forget our servicemen and women!!!


jack69 said...

Sorry about Anna's back. Sure wish something could be done.
But man the fish look great. Glad you guys get out and fish etc.
Take care,
Jack & Sherry
we always appreciate the comments about the service men and women and the Vets. God Bless you guys!

garnett109 said...

To bad you couldn't keep those bass