Friday, June 5, 2009

Well we woke up to SUNSHINE and the promise of a beautiful day, we packed our lunch, got in the old ford and headed out on our weekly "Fishing Trip", we have been lucky and gotten some nice days, it was sunny, warm sunshine and a gentle breeze, we headed for the "Thousand Islands" and the St. Lawrence river that seperated us from Canada. We enede up in Chaumont and found a nice spot to fish, it was easy access for Anna Mae and myself so we settled in, I caught a few pan fish, some sun fish, perch, small mouth bass and some snags.

My little Anna Mae got into a spot where there were some nice fishing, she snaged some large perch, sunfish, and a couple of rock bass and out fished me!!!!!

We fished all morning and then we found a beautiful spot in the shade to enjoy our lunch of grapes, cheese curd, croghan bologna, sandwiches and some nice conversation and relaxing.

We then drove down to the Perch ake Wildlife Management Area to try for some "Bullheads" and if I didn't know better I would have thought I was in the "everglades", all that was lacking was the "Gators", this area is hundreds of acres of marsh land and small setbacks and we saw deer, rabbits, and geese, the sun was great to have out shining on a beautiful god given day!!!

Anna mae went to the left of where I was fishing and made it thru the "cat-tails" to the water where there was an opening to fish from, BUT she quickly learned that this was also a place the 6 large, 3 feet plus long, "Water Mocossins" had picked to sun them selves and look for a mate, needless to say she gave up possession of her spot to the "Snakes", 3 of them decided they liked where I was standing and came over for a visit but I was not in the gabbing mood and I know these big black beauties like to BITE so we left this area without putting up a fight, we lost, snakes won. Managed to get a picture below of these critters!!!!!

We packed up and headed home, it was 4PM and it was a full day, Anna Mae was hurting with her back BUT when we got home we found we actually got a SUNBURN on our arms, which is much better than "Frostbite"!!!
We had a great day today, tomorrow we are going to plant the garden as it looks like there will not be a frost on the Full Moon as its WARMING UP finally!!!

Today June 6th, is the Anniversary of "D-DAY",, lets never forget those "Veterans" who gave their all for you and for me, and pray for those currently serving!!!!!!!!

and it is with sadness I report that our local Fort Drum Post lost 4 local Brave Soldiers this week to the ravages of war in Iraq.


jack69 said...

Great entry. You are right that did look like the everglades. Snakes area s bad a gators to get youto move, they do me!!!!
Your picnic always sounds good. and you make me want to fish. Not bad enought to go, just makes me want to. I do miss it.
Thanks for remembering the Vet, also such sadness for the loss of our warriors now.
God Bless, Hope Anna Mae's back gets a rest and feels better. I can't believe you let an injured lady out fish you!!! BUT.....
Jack & Sherry

garnett109 said...

Snags are tasty but you need alot of them to make a meal!
Putting my flag up half mast tomorrow.
Got bless our soldiers past and present.

Shirl 72 said...

Looks like you both are having fun.
I killed a snake today. I don't
care what color they are I am scared. They were small and I was
told the mother was watching and
would get me. I can't let her find
me. May have to change my address.
This is the second one so I have 2
mothers looking for me. They were
not black.