Friday, July 10, 2009


Well, its been busy with Doctors appointments for me and Anna Mae for her Back. We're doing OK!! We took our daily weekly day trip and went over the the St. Lawrence River again and went to Fishers Landing, Chaumont Bay and Clayton, it was beautiful but fishing was lousy but we did manage to see several large ships coming down the river thru the 1,000 Islands heading for the Locks and then out the St Lawrence River headed for the Ocean and home ports far far away!!!
In the picture below is an island flying an American flag and directly in the back is our neighbor Canada.

We went to "Stone Soup Supper" thursday night and enjoyed a nice cold plate and salad put on by the Nazarene Church, it was a nice meal and some great conversation and socializing. We sat with our friends and enjoyed the meal.
I cooked out tonight, this picture is a picture of our rear patio, the gardens and grilling area.

So, yours truly got 2 nice Pork Steaks, rubbed them down with Garlic Powder, Onion Powder and let them sit.
I took 2 nice large fist size baking potatoes, scrubbed them down, sprayed the skins with "I can't believe its not butter" sprinkled them with a little salt, ground pepper, then I made a shaker bottle of Red Wine Vinegar,. garlic powder, Onion Powder and Olive oil.
I then cut the potatoes into about 1/2 inch slices and took everything out to the grill, We have a good landlord, Nancy bought us a brand new Weber Gas grill, we usually have several people cooking out everynight on nice days and today was a really NICE DAY!!!!!! IT GOT UP TO 80!!!!
I loaded up the grill and started tonight's dinner.

I preheated the grill to HOT, about 450 degrees then turned it down to low, I put the sliced potatoes and pork steak on, sprinkle them with the shaker bottle and then sit down and relaxed.

While everything is slow cooking I went over to our garden, lettuce is up and delicious, the Parsley is coming along and tastes delicious, onions, beans and cucumbers are growing nicely and the tomatoes *(Early Girls)have nice small yellow flowers started on them. The cucumbers are in the hanging basket and parsley is in the black pots.

Finally after turning the steaks a few times, flipping the sliced potatoes and sprinkling with sauce dinner was ready, complete with fresh parsley sprinkled on them from the garden, This meal with a nice tossed salad and WOW, what a meal we were blessed with.
This is the finished product after an hour of cooking!!!!

It was a beautiful day, warm and sunny, so tomorrow its going to rain, we already have set a record for one of the "Wettest" June months in a long time.
Tomorrow one of my best friends, Mark and his wife flies in from Texas, he has rented a boat and an Island in the Thousand Islands for 2 weeks and hope to get with him during the next 2 weeks.
Hope everyone is doing OK and enjoying themselves!!
With a sad note the Governor has agian ordered Flags on Government Buildings lowered to half staff due to more recent losses in Iraq and Afghanistan!!!!!

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