Thursday, July 16, 2009


Well, the weather sure changes, We are supposed to be on record for having the WETTEST and COLDEST June in quite some time and the first part of July has been below average temps and cool.

July 11 we all sat outside in a thunder and lightning storm and watched it rain very hard, it was the night of our Fireworks in the Village, about 10PM there was a break in the weather, it quit raining and we had the chance to watch a very fast "Fireworks" display, they lit them off fast and furious in between the rain and we had about 22 people standing around clapping and cheering as we watched the show. We have had quite a bit of rain.

On Wednesday the 3 Housing complexs went on a Picnic to Whetstone Gulf up in Lewis County, The housing Authority provided a bus for transportation, some of us drove and 38 people went, we cooked out, played cards, chatted and enjoyed a beautiful day with temps in the 70's.

Our Kitchen and Community Room have been closed so there has been no Tuesday Morning Coffee Hours at 9:30AM and we are getting a brand new kitchen, counters, cabinets, new floor in the dining room, and a new paint job in the dining room, all 50 apartments are getting ceiling fans and lights in the bedrooms and also new windows in our living room and bedrooms. they are very nice fans, 4 bladed and 3 bulbs.

My friend Mark and his wife Marie are on their way here, they live in Dallas Texas, its been 105 to 110, hot, and horrible in Texas!!! Mark has Pancreatic Cancer and has had it for quite some time, right now he is cancer free!!!!!!!

They have rented an "Island" in the Thousand Islands called "Watch Island" and we are going over to spend some time with them, the only way there is by Boat and we are excited about going, it is a big old 10 bedroom house, and they said its wonderful. Me and Honey can't wait to get there to see them. AND ITS GREAT FISHING!!!

I have not seen Mark in a few years and almost lost him to cancer. This is a picture of Watch Island where we are going to head out to!!!...............

Well the War goes on..... We have lost more troops and our Local Base, "Fort Drum" the 10th Mountain Division is there now with a few thousand troops and we are now going to sent over 7,000, *( 7 Thousand) more men and women.................

ENJOY SUMMER, ITS GOING FAST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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