Wednesday, August 26, 2009


To all those who have taken the "Walk to Emmaus" WE send this song out to you and wish you "DE COLORES"!!!!! Gary WTE # 89 and Anna Mae WTE # 90!!!
Well it's nice to have my Honey home, it took a day or 2 to get her rested up from her 4 day adventure at Emmaus, Today we went shopping for ingredients for Hungarian Goulosh, bought supplies for church and tomorrow we will spend the day cooking, setting up tables, and getting ready for our "Stone Soup Supper"!!!

I plan of cooking for 125 people, it has cooled down and you now go from shorts durning the day to pants at night as it is cooling down.

After thursdays "Stone Soup" we are having our Sunday Church service "In the Woods", we did it last year also, we end the summer this way, we will have guitars, music, a cook-out and "smores" and bon fire saturday night and sunday's service will be guitar music, hymns and a nice short service and then picnic lunch in the woods at a church couples place in the country,!!! Last years was really enjoyable!!

Then we have a September 9th "Gospel Sing" planned for all 3 Housing Units here and will be playing for that.

September 2nd "My Honey" and "I" will have been married 20 years!!!

It doesn't seem that long, but we have traveled many miles, wandered many places, played hard and prayed hard. I can't wait to start the next 20 years with here and maybe hopefully many more, if not here then in eternity.

Hope everyones week is going great and the rest of your short summer is filled with excitement!!!!!!!!!

We can not forget our "Veterans"!!!!!

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