Sunday, August 9, 2009

Catching up!

We woke to a beautiful day, sunny and a little humid, it was off to church, a nice coffee hour after church and next week the Minister is on vacation so this week will be spent with my doing a sermon, practicing on the guitar as our organist fell and broke his shoulder, and we have no music for next Sunday, I have lots of sermons packed away but like to write a new one as it makes the old brain cells work harder!!!

Well, lets see, We have been busy, Today we cut fresh Parsley from the garden, pulled some Onions, Anna soaked some Burgle Wheat, I chopped up the parsley so it was in small pieces, chopped onions, then she mixed the burgle, onion, parsley, fresh tomato, added lemon juice, olive oil, *(Na-na) which is Lebanese for spearmint leaves, and Lebanese spices and we made "TABOULI"!! It is a fantastic salad, works great on cutting down on cholesterol!!!!! To go with it for dinner we have 2 Pork Steaks sitting in Garlic and Onion Powder which will go on the grill hopefully when it quits raining!!!!!!

Our weather has been HOT!! finally summer arrived, we only had to wait until august for it to get here, Today started out nice but we got some rain and it had dropped the humidity some.

Yesterday we took our weekly fishing trip, we drove up to Cranberry Lake and fished there a while, then we drove back in 3/ 1/2 miles on a dirt road into the 5 ponds wilderness area in the Adirondack Park and fished there and then our last stop we went to Greenwood falls, anna is standing in front of part of the falls, it was a beautiful day, we had a nice lunch outside and enjoyed the day. Anna is doing better but after awhile she has to go to the cane to help with the back pain and uneven ground really causes some problems!!

*(NOTE TO JACK & SHER) I don't think we will be walking any of the Appalachian Trail soon!!

August 7th was spent with my son in Sackets Harbor, we went to lunch to Celebrate his big 40th birthday!!! After lunch and conversation we walked around the 1812 Battlefield and enjoyed the day!! Seated at the table is Anna Mae, me, Jonathan, His mother Donna and our Grand-daughter Shannon.

The past week we helped set up and cook and serve at our "Summer Picnic" held for the 3 Senior Citizen Buildings. We live in West Side Terrace, above us is Dalton Estates and Grandview Courts, Our building has 50 units, Dalton and Grandview each have 24 units.

This is a shot of a few of the 100 plus tenants who live here, my honey is in the pink shirt on the left side.

The West Carthage Housing Authority provided Salads, Salt Potatoes, Corn on the Cob, Baked Beans, and Chicken, we just didn't have a piece of chicken but we enjoyed a half a chicken which a lot of our residents took home. For desert we had Ice Creme Sundaes with any kind of topping you wanted plus Root Beer Floats and Orange Soda Floats. The Meal was fantastic and we had a DJ for music from 5 to 8PM.

Pictured below are the 3 "Chicken Cookers" we cooked 120 chicken halves, we started cooking at 1PM and cooked the halves from 1PM until 4:00PM, They were marinated for a couple of days in a special sauce and were they ever delicious and also moist!!!! Once the chickens were done they were placed in coolers double lined with aluminum foil and let sit which also steamed them!!!!!!!!!

The picture below is the "Chicken Cooker", it belongs to the Knights of Columbus and they let us borrow it, we cooked 120 chicken halves all at one time, it is propane powered, inside is a rack with another rack hinged to it, you put on the chicken, pull down the top rack and connect them together, after cooking for 20 minutes on one side you simply open the 2 covers, insert a bar into each end of the rack and turn the chicken over, every 20 minutes you turn all the chicken at once and baste it, the white pail with mop in it is used to baste the chicken each time it is turned. Somebody had a bright idea when they made this thing cuz it works great!!

This cooker will also cook a full pig, it has an electric motor on the front of it and a chain driven drive to constantly turn the pig.

Well it seems we are gearing up here at Fort Drum for another group of 10th Mountain Division soldiers to head overseas, It seems our flags here on Government buildings are constantly being flown at half mast, Our Governor requires all flags to be flown at half staff in New York State when we lose a service man or woman in Iraq or Afghanistan.

Hope every ones week is a great one!!!!!


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