Sunday, September 20, 2009


Fall is fast approaching, we have had our second "frost" and have had to scrape the windshield, we are ready for winter, new snow tires on the front of the "old ford" for traction, anti-freeze set for -50 below zero and shovel, sand, blanket, candle, matches and water packed in the trunk.

I am just getting so I can see a little better after surgery friday morning, I had a small growth starting on my eye-lid where I had prior surgery and had to have it removed as it felt like a small rock rubbing on my eyeball, It was removed and stitched up and I go back friday coming to have the stitches out, I don't like being "Popeye" with a squinched up left eye!!!

We have been busy, My Honey is going to "Pain-Management" for her back and has shown a little improvement, she took us for a ride to see some of "Falls" beautiful colors as the leaves are now changing with the shorter and cooler days.

While driving around the Lake we saw several "flocks" of wild Turkeys wandering around, there is plenty of berries and nuts and there are lots and lots of turkeys around, this old mother hen was taking her off spring across the road so we waited for her to cross!!!

There are lots and lots of Acorns like these in the picture below, there is also lots of wild grapes, butternuts, beechnuts and plenty of feed for the critters to fatten up on for the winter! Also there are lots of pretty leaves to see as the soft woods turn colors!

We went out and walked our fence line and cleaned out the Blue Bird Houses along the fence line so hopefully they will come back next year, this has been a terrible year for "BEES"!!! I have never seen so many Mud Dubbers, and Yellow Jackets, Honey was careful when she opened the bird boxes to make sure there were no surprises like a bees nest inside which sometimes happens!!!

Every night now we are getting large flocks of Canadian Geese flying overhead, "HEADING SOUTH", they must be trying to tell us something!!

Well, my eye is aching and its time to call it quits for tonight!!
Hope the coming week is a great one!!!
Let us never forget our men and women serving, we had a service Saturday Night right here in Carthage for 1 of our fallen Fort Drum Soldiers who was killed in Afghanistan!!!!!

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