Monday, September 28, 2009


Today started out nice, cool, then it started to warm up to 60, sunny and the leaves are falling, there is some nice color now as the leaves change from green to yellow, red, and orange and we don't have to take any long trips like the "Leaf Peepers" do that travel thru by the "Bus-Loads" from down state to see our Majestic Mountains change colors!!! We just look out the windows!!

Anna Mae's back is OK, still a lot of pain off and on and she is going to the Pain Management Clinic to monitor the pain and do some therapy!!, They have her on some electrical machine every other night that puts electrical impulses into the back and leg to try to fool the brain that there is no pain, but her brain is a lot smarter than that machine!!!

I see the Captain "Jack" and his First-Mate from the "SHIPSLOG" boogied on out of New York State and have headed for Belmont NC to where its WARM!!! We have had several "FROSTS" and have had to scrape the windshield already.

We have been busy at church and around here, we had Bingo Friday nite and had a nice crowd here at the terrace. On Last Tuesday's Coffee Hour we had a good turn out, the 2 vacant housing units are now rented and all 50 units are now full.....

We went from Sunshine to to clouds to heavy wind gusts about 4PM and the leaves on the trees took a beating, it looked like it was raining and blowing leaves ...sideways...It's now cleared up after the wind and rain!!!
On Saturday some of our chef's made 144 "DONUTS" with delicious Donut Holes!!!! Today at Church we had a very nice turnout and we did some nice "Praise-Songs", today's Coffee Hour included "Dozens" of "Homemade Donuts" complete with fresh squeezed Burrville Cider.

After Church we came home and packed up and headed out with the Minister and went to our Local Nursing Home where a nice Service was held by our Pastor and Leeann and I played a few Hymns and some Praise Songs which was enjoyed by those attending.
We have quite a few of our former church members living at the nursing home now and after the service we got a chance to get around and visit with many of them, how sad, we are little children, we grow up, we age, we grow older, and some of us return to that stage of being little children again.... I think that's why I refuse to grow up!!!!!!!

Don't forget to remember our Men and Women in Uniform!!!!!

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