Thursday, September 10, 2009

Staying BUSY

I HATE TO SAY THIS BUT... we are getting "Flocks" of Canadian Geese flying overhead and they are all heading "SOUTH"!! Also the nice dark green leaves on the trees are now turning, brown, yellow and red and you can see them falling to the ground, there was an over abundance of Acorns, Butternuts, Beechnuts and the Wild Grapes were heavy with clusters of grapes, *THIS IS NOT A GOOD SIGN!!!!!

Well we been lax about posting so will catch up as to what we have been doing, Last night was our "Monthly Birthday Dinner" and we had about 30 people show up, there was homemade Goulash, Salads, Hot-Dogs, Soup, Fried Potatoes, and other delicious dishes to share and also "Homemade CAKE and PIE!

It was a nice feast that everyone enjoyed, after dinner we got together and provided a couple of hours of some good "Old Fashioned" Gospel Music, some "Sing-Alongs" and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, In the picture is yours truly, and then Karl, Karl and Roger, we call ourselves the "Friends of God" as we all come from different Churches and they didn't like the name I gave us which was the "Soggy Bottom Boys" !!!

Some of our residents and also some ladies from the adjoining buildings came down to listen and enjoy themselves!!

Everyone enjoyed themselves and thanked us for providing a little "Excitement" and enjoyment, and they even said the "Singing" was not too bad!!!

The week before LABOR DAY WEEKEND was spent mostly at church, we are tearing out some "PLASTER and LATH" off the walls in our Old parsonage which is not the church office and Sunday school, if you have never got involved in taking down old plaster walls and ripping off lath, *(DON"T) it is dirty, hard, back breaking work but we got a lot done in 5 days, we are remodeling, fixing, patching, replacing broken windows, and doing duct work and some minor electrical and we got a lot done.

I exceeded what the Doctors said I was suppose to do regarding work but I paced myself pretty much and didn't over do all that much, besides, I had "My Honey" there checking on me all the time and the weather was beautiful, God sure smiled down on us as it was sunny, warm, and I got to work outside while the inside crew worked away!!!!!

This coming Sunday, September 13th is "RALLY DAY", everyone who moved to their camps and cottages for the summer will all be back, for "Rally Day" we fill the church with "Balloons", streamers and I will be playing the Guitar for "Praise Music".

In this picture I am just finishing up the painting of the rear entrance after patching a hole in the cement, painting the railings after resetting them in the concrete as they were falling down and as you can see the color is "NAVY GREY"!!!!!!!

This is "Ginny", she is one of our Church Trustees and also is our Sexton, custodian, electrician, carpenter, fix it upper and she is dangerous with a hammer and pry bar tearing down plaster and lath and walls!!!

Ginny's husband Dan after tearing out the plaster and lath insulated the walls, I can't handle the insulation as it makes me itch and scratch!!

I spent one whole afternoon rebuilding this stone wall around the window where the "SNOW-PLOW" hit the wall and smashed the rocks last winter then put it a great job of painting it "NAVY GREY"""""!

MY "Honey" getting up in the world tearing out lath and putting up insulation even though she is not supposed to climb or do any of this type of work because of her back!!!

I had to PAINT these Red Bilco Doors going down into the cellar and besides, I like Grey Paint!!!

This is part of the work crew, Dan, Ginny Anna Mae, Me and Bruce!! Dan, Bruce and I are all "Old Navy"!!!!!

I get to be a "Stone Mason" or "Brick Layer" while trying to fix this hole, this is caused by using "Rock Salt" during the winter to keep ice down and the steps clear so nobody falls!!!

This is Zack and Kelsey, they are pulling nails out of the "Lath", they are both hard workers, I kept them busy hauling bricks, sweeping, chipping paint, stacking wood!!!

For a "Treat" we did have "Pizza" for lunch which was enjoyed by all!!!

Well, I had to come inside and work, this is LT. Commander Rounds, US NAVY Retired.. This hole in the wall needed to be filled, a wall needed to be built, SO....... we built a wall!!!!!

As you can see, the Bulkhead now has a framed wall which went up according to specifications and stress loads and clean sharp 45 degree angles and also was PLUMB as per orders of the Commander!!!

In the picture below I am just finishing painting the Handicapped Ramp and Spray Painting the Hand Rails, this was just about the last job before things are "SHIP-SHAPE" for Rally day!

BUT... before I could paint the ramp I had to drill and put in anchors for the railing to hold it up, repair the concrete where it was hit by the "Snow-Plow", the white in the picture is new concrete or (Quickcrete) which hardens up in 15 minutes and can be painted in about an hour!

While up on the ladder getting the fixture ready for the new Fan and Light I got a picture of the "Work-Crew" !!!

We still have a lot of work to do but like they say, God's work is never done!!!!!!
Let us not forget our fighting Men and Women and keep them in our Prayers!!!

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