Saturday, March 13, 2010


Well, we're starting to show sign's of Spring, snow is melting, there is lots of mud where there was snow, the Canadian geese are back BUT still have not see 1 Robin yet!

The Sugar Bush's are boiling sap for Maple Syrup and the Deer River and Black River are now Ice Free and running, there was NOT a lot of SNOW so there should not be a lot of severe flooding.

Down State they are getting hammered with Rain and Wind but up here in the Northern Wastelands it is calm and quiet, maybe a little rain this coming week.

I have 5 brothers and 2 sisters all living, My oldest Sister, Janice's Husband, Kenny is in the Hospital, pretty rough shape, not doing good, we have kept him on the prayer chain and he is not recovering well, he is now on heavy drugs for pain, we are skipping church tomorrow, my sister called and said things did not look very good.

We are heading out in the morning for the drive up to the Hospital in hopes of seeing him before he goes on to meet the maker. This has been real hard and rough on my sister, and their 3 sons and daughter.

Well, life goes on, I am trying to read Sgar but too many interuptions, Anna Mae is trying to walk to help her leg and back but is still having problems even after having surgery.

Nobody said life was going to be easy, BUT it is good, Hope everyone is doing OK.

Don't forget our men and women serving at home and abroad and our past Veterans who have served us so well!!

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