Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Well, I think summer is almost here, It was 72 today, sunny and warm IN THE SUN! We have done some scouting around and found that the water is low enough for us to start our weekly fishing excursions, Today we headed out of the county and went up into Lewis County and tried the West Branch of the Oswegatchie River on State Land, we got a few bites but no luck, we moved on and went to New Bremen and tried it there and could see the trout BUT could NOT get them to bite, tried worms, lures, spinners but they just were not hungry.

We stopped and had a nice lunch and coffee, and had a nice ride back home, 1 thing I noticed is there are not many visable Wild Turkeys around for some reason, Turkey Season starts here May 1st and it don't look good.

Well, hope everyonw is doing OK!

Above is my Honey on the Bridge over the Oswegatchie River which is usually a hot spot for Trout but NOT TODAY!

Let us not forget our Veterans!!!


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