Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Enjoying Ourselves

I have to put this picture on that was sent to me in regards to being in the Navy and learning to "March"  I was on a Frigate and there was not much room for "Marching" !!! 
  Thanks for the Picture "Chief" !!
It does bring back "Memories" !!

Things are going fairly well here for us Sno-Birds, 2 visitors that showed up this morning were 2 Sand Hill Cranes,  they stopped by and I got the chance to feed them some snacks as they wandered thru the driveway heading out back to the canal.

The other birds we get daily are what I refer to as Florida Chickens,  they come thru every morning, noon and night pecking away at the ground, fun to watch !!

The other interesting bird we have is we have an Osprey that likes the tree right next the house, he sits there with his fish snack he either scooped up out of the canal or sits on the ground and pulls apart one of the large doves he snatches.  He has an awsome cry and is neither afraid of me as I walk out under thye brfanch he claimed and just looks down at me and screams and goes on eating or just sitting there sunning himself.

Well, its 9:30pm and almost time for bed, I called up to New York and they still do not have much snow, just a couple of inches but the frost is in the ground about 10 to 12 inches, this is because there is no snow cover to insulate the ground, this could be bad later as this is an easy way to have your water lines freeze and bust.

Dont Forget, Rember our Vets! 


Paula said...

Like the bird pictures and yes I do Bless the Vets.

jack69 said...

Love the pictures. I love to watch the long billed guys, always wonder how they know what to peck? hahahaha! I guess sand don't bother them ha.

Always love a navy pic!!!

Take care mate and hope the fish are biting!!!!

salemslot9 said...

I'm sure someone
is mindin' your
pipes while you're away
enjoy your weekend, Woody!