Saturday, February 4, 2012

Cooking fish and Burgers

Well, we have stayed busy traveling around this place, finding things we have missed, fishing and mostly eating,  the other night I cooked us some "Salmon"  I bought a Cedar Plank at Wally World, soaked it overnight in some salty water, got a nice piece of Salmon at the fish store and came home and prepared to cook salmon for the first time.

I washed the salmon, dried it off, rubbed it with brown sugar, sprinkled it with Onion and Garlic Powder, some bay seasoning and some Creole Seasoning and then rubbed the cedar plank with Olive Oil and placed the salmon skin side down on the board, ***You have to cut a piece of aluminum foil just a little smaller than the cedar board so that when the cedar plank starts to burn and smoke you lift it up and sit it on the aluminum foil.  The heat actually goes thru the cedar plank into the fish cooking it.

Sounds like a lot of work but when the Salmon was done it was served on a bed of long grain brown rice and greem beans and it was delicious .

The next meal was down at Oakie-Tanie Park on the Kissimmee River, we went down early and fished for Catfish, thantook a break and cooked our lunch,  we had some nice fresh hamburg, made burgers, I built a nice charcoal fire, opened a can of Bush Beans, and set the burgers and beans on the grill when it got hot.

We added Lays Potatoe chips and enjoyed a nice meal !!

  • The only thing biting were Catfish, we didn't get any bass or Specs, fishing has been poorly along the river, hopefully after the next full moon it will get better.


jack69 said...

Man oh man, I never heard of that method, but does it ever sound good. Love the pictures. Glad you guys are having a good time. Life is good.

Love you guys.

Wendy said...

Never cooked Salmon before but your way sounds good. I asked my Father in law one day how to cook Salmon and he pretty much told me the same thing but then he added when it was done you flip the board so the Salmon lands in the hot coals and eat the board, lol...I guess he didn't like Salmon. He had me for a minute too!

salemslot9 said...

oooh, fancy salmon

burgers, too

wish I was there